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David Leavitt isn’t just an alleged paedophile. He has been investigated by every major Utah news agency for multiple instances of corruption. Leavitt has been investigated for urging his staff to drop cases that have to do with his friends or family friends. He has been sanctioned by Utah courts.

David Leavitt must be held to account for abusing public office. It is the opinion of Zeus News that David Leavitt uses public office for personal gain.

This is an archive of that behaviour. [Report on corruption by Leavitt] [Profile on Leavitt] [Police union no confidence vote on Leavitt] [Report on Leavitt unethical behaviour] [former deputy announced to stand for prosecutor position challenging Leavitt, citing serious concerns] [leavitt corruption] [Leavitt sanctioned by court for comments to media and other behaviour] [Leavitt sanctioned by court for comments to media and other behaviour] [more Leavitt corruption] [more Leavitt corruption] [more Leavitt corruption][more Leavitt corruption] [more Leavitt corruption] [more Leavitt corruption, hiring family friend and business associate]

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I know this is a long read. Please forgive me. But the story is worth it.

We never thought we would be in a situation where we would ever have to ask people for financial assistance. We have always given to people and organisations in need and made monthly/yearly contributions to Mind, Guide Dogs for the Blind, the PDSA, the Donkey Sanctuary, the National Trust, the Church of England, Horse World, Blenheim Palace, the Royal Collection, and the Imperial War Museums. Arthur is the kind of person to stop and offer a beggar a meal deal from Tesco and bring it to them as they sit sadly on the pavement.

Arthur Knight Bob Dylan

The Winter of Discontent Episode I – Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?

Bob Dylan is the most influential and legendary artist of this or arguably any time. But people tried to extort and blackmail him with a false complaint lodged in a New York court. It turns out that they may be the real criminals with stories that go deeper than Dylan.

The truth will shock you.

The real wrongdoers? Daniel Isaacs. Peter Gleason. David Leavitt. Chelom Leavitt. Watch Episode I entitled “Is This a Dagger I See Before Me” of the four part documentary series “The Winter of Discontent” streamed Friday 20 May 2022 at 9PM London Time/4PM New York Time.

Look for streaming instructions for future episodes at

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UK teachers unite to advocate for school meal expansion

ZEUS 24 Newsline — Representatives from teaching unions across England have written a letter to Whitehall demanding that all children from families who benefit from the universal credit programme should be eligible for free school meals. They are calling it one variable in an “urgent” expansion of the free meal scheme.

Currently there are approximately 1.7 million children, or one in five pupils – that – receive free school meals.

In response the government said it understands that many UK households are struggling and has expanded access to the meals more than any other government.

The price of fuel, food and other necessities have surged in recent months for families across Britain and Northern Ireland. The inflation rate is at a 40-year high.

There are many that are facing mental health problems as they try to navigate life for them and their families in a world where the cost of living has risen exponentially.

The government has announced measures to reduce the impact of the cost of living. One initiative includes a £400 energy bill discount for every household

The letter goes on to say to government officials that vulnerable children that do not currently receive free school meals are facing a “real barrier to learning”.

A portion of the letter says “We see the devastating reality of children coming to school unable to afford to buy lunch, because their family circumstances means they fall outside the restrictive free school meal eligibility criteria,”

A government spokesperson said: “We recognise that millions of households across the UK are struggling to make their incomes stretch to cover the rising cost of living, which is why, in addition to the over £22bn announced previously, we are providing over £15bn in further support, targeted particularly on those with the greatest need.

“The holiday activities and food programme runs during major school holidays, and wider welfare support is available through the household support fund, which helps vulnerable families in need with essentials, such as food and utility bills.”

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Arthur Knight

Response to Utah County Attorney David Leavitt and Statement to the Media

Standing as a Nation where its citizens protect one another


2 June 2022

Today we contemplate the words not of a public servant who admirably resolved perplexing political problems but a seemingly unbalanced man who deliberately made a situation of his own creation more complex.

We live in a world where a public servant seeks to wear a badge of honour and certainly Utah County Attorney David Leavitt has altered that much further. Without any evidence but with all of the pomp and circumstance of office Mr Leavitt has taken my life into his hands, changed my name, called me a blackmailer and an extorter, and abolished my identity. He has continued to demolish my existence, building a wall with bricks made of lies.

Arthur Knight Breaking News Chelom Leavitt David Leavitt

BREAKING NEWS: David Leavitt is confirmed to be head of Criminal Utah Cult

This is Arthur Knight in the Z24 studio with breaking news.

The Zeus newsroom has confirmed that David and Chelom Leavitt, the former Utah County Attorney and the latter a sex professor at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah are the primary suspects in a widespread ritual sex abuse ring in Utah.


Flightmare: Unprepared airlines cause chaos and hit summer 2022 holidays

ZEUS 24 Newsline — Airports around the world are seeing chaos like never before. Families are sleeping on floors. Flights are being cancelled in waves. And holidaymakers are standing in endless queues. Manchester. Bristol. Gatwick. The nation’s most important airports are seeing waves of disruption. And it’s not over yet.

Passengers are being told to expect further delays and consumer watchdog group Which? has called for immediate government intervention.

Passengers were forced to sleep at Stansted Airport

The travel delays for holidaymakers in the first covid-free summer since 2019 are expected to get worse before they get better.

The Civil Aviation Authority, the government’s airline regulator has warned airlines not to make last minute cancellations. Airlines are responding and claiming that they are trying to scale up quickly after shedding jobs during the pandemic. Manchester Airport officials have said delays could last for at least a month.

Ken O’Toole Deputy CEO of Manchester Airport had this to say: “We are short-staffed at the moment. Our processes need to catch up. We are confident that in a couple of weeks we’ll be in that position.

Also part of the delay is said to be the need for covid immunisation documentation.

Airports around the UK are said to be in what industry experts call a “hiring frenzy” but filling roles such as baggage handlers is said to be a challenge.

Many people who formerly worked in airports are also choosing to stay in jobs they found during the pandemic. Experts and analysts say they feel they have found stability and don’t want to bugger that up.

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News Sunrise

Sunrise for 31 May 2022


Today’s edition of Sunrise covers the crisis in airports across the UK.

We also hear about more sanctions coming from the EU as a result of the war in Ukraine, school meals, proposed legislation in Canada for efficient gun control as a result of mass killings in its neighbouring United States and a rather dramatic attempt at the desecration of art at the Louvre in Paris.


Arthur Knight Sunrise

Sunrise Podcast for 30 May 2022

It’s Sunrise from Zeus News. Today we discuss all of the day’s top stories including a new report from the BBC discussing policing response times,

Ukraine’s win of Eurovision and the auctioning of the crystal microphone trophy to purchase a Ukrainian-made drone system with two drones and a ground control station.

We also hear about US President Joe Biden making stops to pay tribute in different parts of the states that have been sadly impacted by gun violence. A crowd outside the Sacred Heart Church was chanting “Do something” repetitively as Biden exited the church. He replied “We will”!

Obituaries today, Ronnie Hawkins of The Band passed away on Sunday aged 87.

Is a United Ireland one step closer to a reality now that Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill is about to occupy the seat of First Minister of Northern Ireland?

The Bob Dylan Centre opens in Tulsa Oklahoma to explore the creative process and inspire the next generation of artists.

EasyJet is offering a £1000 bonus at the end of the summer holiday season as airlines battle to retain staff after what is expected to be a busy summer as airlines prepare to see industry demand return to pre-covid levels.

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News Sunrise

Sunrise Podcast for 20 May 2022 – Zeus News


Sunrise for 20 May 2022

The episode covers Rishi Sunak on The Times’ Rich List, UK’s inflation rate, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Canada to mark HM the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, artificial intelligence, and the days weather and stocks.

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