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The zeusnewsnow.com website or Zeus News is a collaboration of several professionals including researchers, professors, editors, and journalists who saw that no news website or newspaper was reporting the facts of the recent Bob Dylan abuse allegations. The editors and journalists simply said “Bob Dylan was accused of doing A, B, and C” and conducted zero independent research to authenticate the claims or the veracity of the lawsuit. We aim to conduct in-depth investigations and report the news as it once was before 140 characters was considered a news article.

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Our words should not be revered as they are in news, with, say, The New York Times as we are nowhere near their status in history or legacy. But we aim to bring a clearer and more authentic voice to the news gathering and dissemination community. We aim to bring you the truth, no matter the cost.

Here is an example of how news is failing and our plan to cover the news the way it was meant to be covered:

After a news organisation sat on our story for what we believed to be far too long whilst the world media made the suspiciously terse legal complaint raised with the court against Dylan public and dipped his name in mud we took the decision to accelerate a vertically integrated method of delivering our news.

When it became clear that the allegations by a person called “JC” could not be true based on contemporary and historical accounts we knew that we had to report the story and report it the best way we could. We are comfortable with saying we exercised caution in everything we did in our research until we published the article which was out of necessity.

We even considered that JC was not JC and was merely pretending to be. But she was, and she is, and anyone with an understanding of research knows that you must be prepared for what you discover and examine it inside and out prior to presenting it as proof of anything. That goes for medicine, pharmaceuticals, news reporting and many other industries and fields.

After consulting with our solicitors here and abroad it was made clear that freedom of speech and the press is definitive. The facts we had been sitting on were far too important and the only way for them to see the light of day was by releasing them ourselves.

There is no anonymity order, nor is one traditionally granted in a civil lawsuit according to our legal advice, at least in the States. News organisations that do not name accusers do so by choice in the States unless an order by a judge prohibits the release through a “gag order”. We are undeniably certain that reporting the name of a public figure which Carra is (or aspires to be) who has sued a Nobel Laureate, Academy Award and Grammy award-winning musician after substantial research and opportunities for clarification have been provided is not beyond the pale.

Every day that passed since their claim was made public Peter Gleason and/or Daniel Isaacs were quoted in their beloved New York Post and other newspapers and their websites worldwide. They are continuing to manipulate the media, most of whom are advertisement sales executives on sites that just happen to report the day’s events. The history of these men especially Gleason has been reported whenever they have been featured in the New York Times or any other news website. Among the hundreds of Dylan articles written over the past week have you seen one that discussed the history of Gleason or Isaacs?

And Joan Carra is JC without a doubt. If she was not we would risk being sued for libel and as three people who have families and responsibilities, there are no facts that we would risk our livelihoods for on the basis of simply not being certain. We cumulatively spent an exhausting 80 hours (approximately) looking for other women in Greenwich Connecticut that could be JC. There were none. Not only did she admit to being the “JC” in question, she also gave us information about her allegation and account that only she would know.

There are two women in Connecticut’s Greenwich that with the initials of “JC” born in 1953. One is a dentist in New York City. The other is Joan Carra. The document raised with the court by Gleason and Isaacs specifically states that JC’s birthday was in March or April. That fact along with Carra’s own statements convinced us that JC is Joan Carra. And we stand by our story.

There is no court order protecting her identity. She made a very serious allegation against Dylan, among the worst variety of allegation imaginable, and Gleason and Isaacs are relying on “blogs and stuff” as evidence. They bombastically trumpet that they will “prove their case” in a court of law. Yet they have no intention of doing so. They want a settlement and the publicity. Gleason has (or had) political aspirations, Isaacs needs to pay child support, and Carra has to satisfy the taxman.

Since 2013 Carra has made attempts to integrate herself with the Dylan entourage. She claimed to be a girl in a photo taken in October 1965 at a nightclub with him. But it is clearly not her. After being rebuffed by clients who shall remain unnamed that are in the music and film industry she has developed something of a rancour against the industry as word spread and she lost clients. She recently tried to delete any remark about her name and the photo but it lives on courtesy of ZNN.

Just as no news organisation would publish JC’s story about being raped as a child because there is no evidence, we would not publish anything when there is no evidence. The only reason JC’s claim became global news is because a complaint (no matter how potentially baseless or frivolous) was raised with a court.

Our mission was to report the facts and we were overly generous with crediting Carra for her accomplishments as a public figure. We were fair with our treatment of her claims and their inconsistencies along with the proven attempts to be captioned in a photograph with Dylan from 1965 nearly a decade ago.

For all the naysayers, for all of those that wonder why we reported the facts when or how we did, for all those that enquire our determination to seek the truth, for all who would doubt our intentions, and for all those who would ask that the solicitors be left to do their jobs as a grandfather, father, brother, uncle, and mentor who is 80 years of age who just so happens to be a phenomenon among humanity has his good name tarnished, rely on these words as you contemplate the nearly unanimous refrain of questions about the accuser and the lack of facts and veracity of the claim:

We wanted to “tell it on the mountain”. We wanted to “tell the real story”.

Etch it into our headstones.

We’re here to report the news. And we’re here to stay.