BREAKING: Audio of Lawyers Peter Gleason and David Issacs Discussing Frivolous Bob Dylan Lawsuit Leaked

23 August 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — ZNN has received leaked audio from the two lawyers instructed by psychic Joan Carra discussing the lawsuit she filed against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

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The lawsuit, believed by many to be without merit and frivolous, is not supported by any evidence or facts, and most of Dylan’s itinerary between April and May 1965 has proven incompatible with the claims of Carra.

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The leaked audio comes the day of the launch of news website ZNN and an investigative report into the background of infamous psychic Joan Carra who launched a legal attack against Dylan last week without evidence or facts, instructing Gleason and Isaacs to sue Dylan for a multitude of allegations.

Lawyers Peter Gleason and David Isaacs have used the lawsuit as a soapbox for publicity in newspapers around the world whilst a global investigation seeking Dylan’s whereabouts during the dates in question by amateur detectives is underway. Gleason and Isaacs have come under fire in the past with Gleason having offered his multimillion dollar Upper East Side flat as a bond for a woman who ran a USD$15 million underage brothel operation frequented by Charlie Sheen whilst Issacs owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child and family maintenance payments along with multiple foreclosures and monies owed to parties who have sued him.

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Isaacs is the former head of the New York Republican Party and failed candidate for the New York State Assembly whilst Gleason had a controversial deal with former Donald Trump solicitor Michael Cohen to release information about his clients allegedly abused by a former New York attorney general in exchange for Trump promoting the case of Gleason’s clients if elected to the office of New York Governor, an office he considered standing for at the time. Gleason’s request to a US judge was rejected during the investigation of Cohen.

Peter Gleason also came under fire for wearing a firefighter uniform on 9/11 when he was not working as a firefighter and had not done so for five years, suing his law school for giving him a failing grade, and also suing eBay for failing to be the highest bidder on an auctioned item and awarding the auctioned item to the winning bidder. Gleason lost all cases.

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