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The Winter of Discontent Episode I – Is This a Dagger I See Before Me?

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Bob Dylan is the most influential and legendary artist of this or arguably any time. But people tried to extort and blackmail him with a false complaint lodged in a New York court. It turns out that they may be the real criminals with stories that go deeper than Dylan.

The truth will shock you.

The real wrongdoers? Daniel Isaacs. Peter Gleason. David Leavitt. Chelom Leavitt. Watch Episode I entitled “Is This a Dagger I See Before Me” of the four part documentary series “The Winter of Discontent” streamed Friday 20 May 2022 at 9PM London Time/4PM New York Time.

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Trailer for The Winter of Discontent Released


Bob Dylan is the most influential and legendary artist of this or arguably any time. But people tried to extort and blackmail him with a false complaint lodged in a New York court. It turns out that they were the real criminals with stories that go deeper than Dylan. The truth will shock you.

Watch Episode I entitled “Is This a Dagger I See Before Me” of the four part documentary series “The Winter of Discontent” Friday 20 May 9PM London Time/4PM New York Time.

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A Q&A on Zoom will be held after the episode.

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New Bob Dylan Documentary Debuts 11 May

UPDATE: See video above for why the documentary was delayed

By Arthur Knight
Chief Correspondent
Zeus News

Zeus News has been on an obvious hiatus of late. And then we were about to air a documentary about that hiatus when we received legal threats from the involved subjects. After consulting with solicitors in the United Kingdom and the United States Zeus News has taken the decision to air the documentary notwithstanding the threats and spurious promises of “potential litigation” and “continued consequences” received by email, phone and post.

You can learn more about the delay and the involved parties at the video podcast above.

You can learn about the documentary series in the trailer below.

We are prepared for anything and everything. With confidence we know that doing Bob Dylan justice and uncovering the fraudulent motives is the ethical move.

This fraudulent ‘historic rape’ case began with a Connecticut, US woman Joan Carra, who had spent years planning this before waiting for the perfect moment (and a convenient yet temporary change in New York law) to name Mr Dylan as a defendant in an attempt to dethrone him of his legendary status.

The case was given legitimacy by at least four US solicitors and one advisor who worked to organise a plot to extort money from Mr Dylan under the guise of a legal case until the day the temporary New York law expired and they lodged the case with the courts and alerted the worldwide media who obligingly parroted that Mr Dylan was an abusive person to a child over fifty years ago.

The solicitors and advisor had already been under surveillance for human trafficking and other unlawful acts and are now under active investigation for conspiracy to defraud Mr Dylan. The solicitors are Daniel Isaacs, Peter Gleason, David Leavitt, and Chelom Leavitt. They have each acknowledged in interviews with Zeus that they have been questioned by New York and US investigators.

Zeus News has also seen a sealed indictment and investigative notes, documents and photographs.

All five individuals have been convicted of or investigated for crimes ranging from human trafficking to accepting a bribe from an undercover FBI agent to child sex abuse to solicitation of prostitute(s). The centre figure of the conspiracy, Joan Carra is known to law enforcement in Florida, New York, and Connecticut.

Instead of responding with a defence to the allegations about Bob Dylan suddenly the primary masthead of Zeus News (including myself) were in hospital or infected with a disease that is provably linked back to Gristina working in concert with the other conspirators. Those acts are now part of a UK-US cooperative investigation.

Not having succumbed to what a layman might call attempted murder, we have lived to tell the tale. And we have hundreds of pages of evidence to substantiate our claims. 

Beginning Wednesday our new documentary series The Winter of Discontent will be released and these details and more will be uncovered for the world to see.

How did an otherwise unremarkable news agency become the target for a group of people with a secret to hide? Those answers and more will be revealed in a four part series of Arthur Knight Tonight on Zeus News Live.

Details on The Winter of Discontent

On Arthur Knight Tonight on Zeus News Live, Arthur Knight hosts a new Bob Dylan documentary Wednesday 11 May at 20.00 BST. The Winter of Discontent will expose how a news agency that existed for merely a fortnight became the target for a group of people with a secretive plot to knowingly defraud Bob Dylan of potentially millions in monetary damages with a false rape claim. They also nearly killed three people in the process.

There will be a question and answer session after the episode is aired at 

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Bob Dylan Commentary

The Bob Dylan Fanbase Hurts for Bob

How the Bob Dylan Case has hurt me

By Liza O’Brien

The first record I remember buying was Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume II. 

I remember listening to the record over and over, especially ‘Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again’. I had never heard anything like it before.

I’ve been a big fan of Bob Dylan’s music since then. I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have had Dylan’s music to listen to. 

I know Bob Dylan’s music has made a difference in many people’s lives.

When I heard about the allegations a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t pay much attention to the story – because I thought it was false.

I thought the story would disappear in a day or two. I was shocked and disappointed to see other news outlets repeating the same story.

I was grateful when Zeus News started reporting details about the accuser and her attorneys. It helped shine some light on possible motives of these people filing a claim 56 years later.
Zeus reporting has provided much insight into the credibility of those filing the claims.

The New York law that allows someone to damage the name of a person over a half century later with a civil case like this seems very unjust for the accused.

I am looking forward to this case being dropped and seeing Bob live again soon.

Do you have a story about Bob Dylan’s impact on your life and how the current chaos is hurting you? Email

Bob Dylan Commentary Joan Carra

BBC News and the Deception and Disrespect of Audiences with Common Sense


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Zeus News Now Editorial 

A BBC article entitled ‘Prince Andrew, Bob Dylan, Catholic priests and the Child Victims Act’ was shared, tweeted and retweeted many times.

It is inconceivable that the mainstream media do not or can not realise the impact this has on Bob Dylan’s family, friends, and fans. The name of the singer-songwriter is now associated with the likes of Prince Andrew and high-profile Catholic priests who have been accused of child abuse.

The article explains the recent change in state law in New York that has allowed the filing of thousands of child abuse claims and gave victims until 14 August to bring forth claims. As it has already been noted, Joan Carra’s lawsuit was filed in extremis, just a day before the deadline, at the same time as thousands of other lawsuits. As a result, Dylan’s name is sullied along with Catholic priests and others who have hurt children. The difference however is that Dylan’s accuser Joan Carra has lost all credibility. She has engaged in deeply questionable acts including multiple attempts to invent evidence on the internet by requesting her name to be included in the captions of photographs of Bob Dylan with unknown women. Her lawyers Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs of New York likewise have no credit.

Bob Dylan

Fundamental differences exist between the other cases involving awful child abuse and the meritless case against Bob Dylan. One example of this is the lack of evidence. Former Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was found guilty of child abuse and defrocked in 2019 by Pope Francis himself. In the case of Joan Carra we only have Carra’s bogus accusations.

But in the court of public opinion, Dylan is already viewed as guilty because there were hundreds of headlines like the BBC article mentioned above and because no mainstream media organisation has published any correction or follow-up since mid-August.

Watching reactions on social media is a depressing state of affairs: headlines have a tremendous impact on people’s minds, and since this is often the only thing people read on Twitter, the echo chamber is in full action and the damage is done. Since the #metoo movement, the Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein stories, and the Ronan Farrow effect, the American public have been conditioned to think that ‘the rich and the famous always get away with it’ and that we must always without scrutiny ‘believe survivors/believe women.’ There are no nuances allowed, no critical thinking permitted, and all common sense is ignored.

Because of a long history of cases of abuse not reported, because those who have come forward over abuse in the past have been poorly treated, plenty of people have adopted some irrational and radical position, an extremist view of the world that doesn’t allow any consideration of individual cases. ‘We have to believe all women,’ is absurd absolutism.

When I learned about the lawsuit in August, I knew nothing about the case. For a few days, I was considering any possibility and even the eventuality of a guilty verdict that would necessarily affect my vision of Bob Dylan. But I was waiting to know more and was looking for evidence. However, I was surprised to see how many people were right away jumping down Dylan’s throat, accusing him of the worst, from child molestation to rape. Why have we reached this point? A point where people accept headlines without looking for evidence, just because these headlines embrace the ideology du jour?

In 2013, Conor Oberst, the frontman of the indie band Bright Eyes, was accused of rape by a woman named Joanie Faircloth. She claimed that Oberst had raped her after a Bright Eyes concert when she was just 16. Many months later, she admitted she had made up the entire story, even though her ‘testimony’ provided a lot of disturbing details.

As a result, Oberst, who was even tagged ‘the new Bob Dylan’ at the beginning of his career, lost a lot of money and almost his mind: ‘I equate it to getting in a car crash or getting struck by fucking lightning’ he said in an interview with Noisey. ‘I don’t feel like there’s ever complete closure to something like that in the sense that you carry the psychological things with you.’ At the same time, plenty of Oberst’s fans were ready to tear their hero down when the allegations were made public everywhere, while evidence was obviously lacking. This happened 8 years ago, and the ‘believe women and automatically assume the worst about famous men’ social attitude has only worsened.

I can only imagine what’s going on in Bob Dylan’s mind right now, but people’s reactions on social media are simply deplorable. They are the negation of critical thinking and the rise of a fanatical ideology, but they are especially shameful after the telling revelations about Bob Dylan’s accuser and her lawyers made by the Zeus News Now team.

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Email from Psychic Joan Carra Speaks of “Pre-Life” Abuse Visions to Former Client

By Arthur Knight
Zeus News Chief 


7 September 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — A former client of Joan Carra has released a 2013 email from Carra, known as America’s top psychic.

The email was released under the condition of anonymity by a former client of Joan Carra. Carra, who recently filed a disputed lawsuit in the New York County Supreme Court against singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, provided psychic services to the mother of four after a severe car crash.

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“She just would not let up,” said Amy (ZNN is using a pseudonym to protect the identity of the source). “I went to Joan Carra looking for help and support after suffering severe migraines and physical pain. Her obsession with getting me to confess that I was abused by rockstars was the result”.

Joan Carra

“Joan was magnetic and seemed to love and care for me but it became apparent later that she had an agenda where I as a client was no longer the focus of my journey to recovery”.

In emails and invoices reviewed by ZNN Amy was a sporadic client of Joan Carra for 37 months prior to ending the relationship with the psychic. A big part of the reason, Amy said, was after relentless pressure to speak to a lawyer about abuse seen in “visions” during psychic sessions. Carra said visions and cards revealed abuse by musicians that was inflicted against Amy and two of her four children in what Joan Carra purportedly called “the pre-life” and made itself known in this life as a car crash.

Carra, who alleged alien and angel visitations in a 2013 book, said it was Amy’s “duty” to bring three musicians to justice based on the psychic visions.

“Joan was a kind lady. But when she started to talk about abuse, I was in a vulnerable place after my car crash. She started something called ‘pre-life care’ and we used the ouija board and a tarot card deck. Joan revealed that in the pre-life and in this life while unconscious we were abused. Joan said that the abusers were Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Ozzy Osbourne.”

When asked if Amy had ever met with Dylan, Lennon, or Osbourne, she confirmed she had never had any association with the musicians. Amy was born after John Lennon died in 1980 making it impossible for her or her children to be abused by him as Joan Carra claimed in the psychic sessions with Amy.

MORE: Joan Carra Discusses Her Case Against Bob Dylan

“She tried to drill it into my head that these men abused us and that abuse manifested into a car crash. Her explanation was that ‘spirits’ crashed the cars to help us understand what happened to us in the pre-life and even in this life. I even had an ADT (Security Services) alarm installed at Joan’s direction,” Amy said. “After being indoctrinated she wanted me to talk to lawyers and journalists and that was not something I was comfortable with, it was then that the red flags were in sight. I should have known sooner”.

ZNN reviewed hundreds of emails between Joan Carra and Amy spanning a timescale of nearly three years. An email encouraging Amy to “sue” the three musicians and “forgive” but have them “answer” from Joan Carra was the final straw for Amy.

In an email dated 5 November 2013, Amy is pushed by Joan Carra to “help prevent Osbourne, Dylan and Lennon abuse from happening to other girls” (sic) and to “not be afraid of the visions” as that “is part of the healing process”:

Joan wrote:

“From my heart I know this is hard and I stand where you stood. We have known one another for 2plus years but the spirits the gods and the victims need your voice your power.  They are afraid of us but we know the truth. 

“I have taken a look and did a special reading with relevance to this. The cards say that what you told me in your dream was the reverse of what happened the opposite as discussed on the phone. If you were standing online at the pharmacy they give you oxy instead of Tylenol look what you are putting into your body now it is the same thing. You have been drugged redacted and the evil spirits have had your way with you and redacted and redacted. Tylenol (spiritual) is not in your system it’s the oxy! It interferes with our pre-life memory is that why you came to me? After the accident? 

“You told me it was Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon that you saw there and they were there hurting you, raping you, sodomizing you with a boat oar. You knew it and I knew it before you even tell me these things. If you sue them you weaken their negative energy, them and their unseen servants redacted! 

“If you are afraid of them don’t be! But we must unite and help prevent Osbourne Dylan and Lennon abuse from happening to other girls! Here and in the after life. Don’t let the spiritual (oxycontin) they fed you in your dreams trick you into thinking they did not rape you. 

“I’ve been doing this so long redacted and you know I guided you to your pre life situation. You saw those three stars hurting you, raping you as a young girl. If it happened then it happened in this life. If it did not the cards would not confirm it. 

“Do not be afraid of the visions that is part of the healing process. We are to forgive, forgive, forgive! Peace to all but they must answer (Osbourne and Bob Dylan) in this world and Lennon in the other. 

“Give me an answer. We can communicate with the angels who witnessed your abuse on the ouija or in meditation. But don’t give up now! We are almost there! The angels will tell you what to do! Trust them! 

“Please phone me on the cell and we can work through this!”

Click to enlarge

Amy says that she is coming forward now after learning about Joan Carra’s allegations against Bob Dylan.

“I feel that Joan used my vulnerability for her own agenda, trying to force me to take action against things that never happened to me or my children. Why would I let my children out of my sight? In hindsight I think she invited more damage than calm into my life. When she started asking my children if they were abused by these musicians after I told her not to I immediately ended all sessions with her”.

Zeus News sent multiple requests to Joan Carra, Dan Isaacs, and Peter Gleason asking for their response to “pre-life abuse” and other statements and received no reply.

The email has been revealed by Amy just as Joan Carra continues to request that her name be included in captions of photographs of unknown women with Bob Dylan.

Carra’s legal team, Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs, have also been scrutinised for unethical and even criminal behaviour. Gleason collaborated with former President Donald Trump when the latter was contemplating standing for election in New York for the office of governor, releasing private client information to Trump’s lawyer at the time Michael Cohen in exchange for publicity about the case against Eric Schneiderman from Trump had he been elected. Dan Isaacs was involved in a FBI sting operation when an undercover agent offered and Isaacs accepted a bribe in principle whilst chairperson of the New York City Republican Party.

In a previous email to Zeus News Carra claimed that she has “been researching rock musicians to young girls for years”. Lawyers Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs said last month they were soon meeting with Bob Dylan’s lawyer to try to settle the case.

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This is a developing story and more details will be published as they are received. 

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Bob Dylan is the Latest Victim of Clickbait Yellow Journalism


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By Mariella Radaelli
Twitter: @marielrad

Zeus News Correspondent

A few weeks ago, most of the news media in the western world swarmed on the story of a 68-year-old woman called Joan Carra, a “top psychic”, who accused Bob Dylan of grooming, sexual abuse, and battery some 56 years ago. I must confess that when reading the articles I felt like living in the day of the locusts.

MORE: Email from Psychic Joan Carra Speaks of “Pre-Life” Abuse Visions to Former Client

I immediately spotted another morbid excitement and shameless attempt for clickbait headlines.

Is the world of the press falling so apart for its superficiality?

One newspaper after another in a most robotic way repeated the same spicy allegations. It was a tragicomic monologue of a broken record producing a litany of hisses and rattles.

MORE: Bob Dylan JC Lawsuit – Using News as a Litigation Tool

For instance, in my home country, Italy, the reporting sounded like a miserable copy and paste job. It often occurs when they cover the US news.

I have to stress that as a journalist myself and a connoisseur of Dylan’s literary and music opus, I was shocked to read the mud thrown from the house when there has been no discovery, research into the accuser, or court findings.

A few days later, the Zeus News Now team revealed the accuser’s identity and her profession, together with the stature of Joan Carra’s attorneys, Peter Gleason and Dan Isaacs. How did the press behave, then? Did the newspapers follow up with so much as a mere update?


Why didn’t they say: “Wait a minute, this story smells a bit odd. How come this lady, allegedly a psychic, files a lawsuit at the very last nanosecond before the New York Child Victim’s Act window closes? And why waiting more than half a century?”

MORE: Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Sends Email Rant on Abuse to Zeus News

I once investigated the murky Italian world of astrologers, fortune-tellers, and all sorts of psychics claiming to be blessed with supernatural powers who are thriving on a variety of small, private TV channels. A woman who fell victim to an infamous television healer named Wanna Marchi (or “Vanna” Marchi) said: “I told her my son had cancer. She gave me a private consultation for a big sum of money. She said that the case was severe, so she needed to quadruple her fee to ease the progress of my son’s illness. If I did not pay, my son’s fate would be tragic. I told her firmly that I wouldn’t give her any more money. She replied that I didn’t love my son”. Later, Marchi was arrested, and her TV show was canceled.

Italian journalist Massimo Giletti often interviewed families who confessed heartbreaking stories of their ruin: “We are up to our necks in debt for trusting these swindlers,” one victim said. “The best advice is not falling into their net.” That poor victim was referring to the Italian charlatans, of course.

But going back to the ethical responsibility of the press, once Mark Twain said: “There are laws to protect the freedom of the press’ speech, but none that are worth anything to protect the people from the press.” He pronounced those words during a talk he gave in 1873 before the Monday Evening Club at Hartford Connecticut titled License of the Press.

Twain, the father of American literature and a witty journalist himself would knock the state of the popular press.

“It is a free press — a press that is more than free — a press which is licensed to say any infamous thing it chooses about a private or a public man or advocate any outrageous doctrine it pleases,” Twain said.

MORE: Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Claims Alien Abduction and Contact with Angels in 2013 Book

And he added: “It has become a sarcastic proverb that a thing must be true if you saw it in a newspaper. That is the opinion intelligent people have of that lying vehicle in a nutshell. But the trouble is that mentally challenged people do believe and are molded and convinced by what they get out of a newspaper, and there is where the harm lies. Among us, the newspaper is a tremendous power. It can make or mar any man’s reputation. It has perfect freedom to call the best man in the land a fraud and a thief, and he is destroyed beyond help.”

I end, however, on a positive note: luckily in this case, most readers, including my fellow Italians, commented on this news that makes no sense (if it can be called ‘news’) involving Bob Dylan: with a laugh. “Gee, that sounds so ludicrous. What joke is this?”

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Bob Dylan JC Lawsuit – Using News as a Litigation Tool


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When the law and courts are wielded as weapons in the hands of disputants and lawyers the reputation of the court is tarnished. Worse, when these groups subvert the legal process and undertake a publicity crusade before the first motion is raised or hearing is held the courts amount to a peripherality. There in particular is an instance where an obvious try for preemptive victory for the claimant and prejudice against the respondent has already started.

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Whilst this is strictly not illegal in the wide assembly of Western legal canon it is plainly bad judgement. Recently named as a respondent was the famous and celebrated musician Bob Dylan. He was sued on the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour on account of a temporary hiatus in the “statute of limitations” (a time limit for raising legal claims) for civil cases in the US state of New York. Zeus News reported recently on the case along with nearly every mainstream media organisation in the world.

Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate, Academy Award-, Pulitzer Prize-, Grammy-, and Golden Globe-winning singer-songwriter

The lawyers for the claimant Joan Carra then started a promotional campaign. That campaign revealed they raised a case without research or diligence. The publicity ultimately gave light to previously unknown details and proved to be an unwise and morally distressing move which eventually backfired. The ethics and conduct of Gleason and Isaacs was called into question. Carra was proved to make attempts to have webmasters caption photographs on websites of Bob Dylan with unidentified women.

The claimant first identified only as “JC” in court documents provided several clues about the woman later revealed as a psychic, one of America’s “top” according to at least one book. She was a woman aged 68 living in Connecticut, city of Greenwich. This was before a Zeus News interview with Carra. Out of bare oversight or an embarrassing laxity Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason revealed that Joan Carra’s birthday was in March 1953.

Carra claimed she was abused and forced to drink alcohol and consume drugs under threat of violence in the Chelsea Hotel. Gleason and Isaacs could have raised a motion for the lawsuit to be “sealed” or protected from public view until their client’s identity was ordered to remain private, but they chose not to, instead giving interviews and talking to reporters from around the world.

Joan Carra herself was uncovered to have made a number of pleas to different websites requesting that her name be captioned in photographs of women with Bob Dylan dating back at least a decade. When one photograph turned out to be at odds with common sense because it featured a young Black woman at Manhattan’s Ondine nightclub taken in 1965 when Carra would have been aged 12 in a nightclub, Carra backtracked and said she was in a different photo with Bob Dylan. That second image was later confirmed to be a photo of Dylan and a “Lady Sandra Suffolk” who was visibly not an aged 12 Carra.

Carra also claimed to speak with aliens and angels in a 2013 book and admitted to having money problems with the US Internal Revenue Service.

Carra’s lawyers Peter Gleason and Dan Issacs have had their own share of publicity-seeking and potentially criminal and unethical acts. Gleason was exposed as wearing his firefighter uniform on 11 September 2001 despite not being a firefighter presumably for a photo opportunity as he stood for election to the New York City Council, a race he lost. He also offered to a criminal court as a bond for a woman accused of directing an underage brothel his Tribeca property, and later withdrew from the case as her lawyer so she could live with him.

Over and above that Gleason collaborated with US president Donald Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen to reveal sensitive information about his clients in exchange for Trump promising to raise awareness of those claims against Trump political adversary Eric Schneiderman.

That’s just Gleason. His colleague Dan Isaacs was reported by The New York Post as having accepted a bribe in principle from an FBI agent acting undercover although Isaacs was never charged since he never accepted any money. The acceptance of the bribe in principle happened during Isaacs’ tenure as Manhattan Republican Chairperson. Daniel Isaacs is also a party in lawsuits where he has been court-ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars. Some of these cases involve child support failure to pay, mortgage failure to pay, and other civil lawsuits.

All of this information about Joan Carra, Daniel Isaacs, and Peter Gleason went unrevealed and without investigation as the worldwide media copied and pasted a harmful news story that “Bob Dylan abused a 12-year-old” without any context or research.

The appetite for illegitimate news is ballooning globally to an unhealthy size. Commonly called “fake news” these stories could also bear the label of clickbait, tabloid journalism, or truthful or untruthful hyperbole. Lawyers prosper and flourish when news about their cases bend towards their victory. They remain careless about the truthfulness of their client as long as their name remains in print. As the hoax grows in scope the harmful emotional toll is heavy. The person’s reputation also suffers as their name and history is no longer their own. In Bob Dylan’s case his 80-plus years which went without any abuse claims is gone and his name was sullied in seconds.

The lawsuit filed by Gleason and Isaacs on behalf of JC or Joan Carra was filed in the New York County Supreme Court. The sole defendant is “Robert Allen Zimmerman a/k/a Bob Dylan” even though Dylan’s legal name is Robert Dylan.

Bob Dylan’s fan base responded to the lawsuit with shock, jeering and counterstatements. Dylan scholars including Clinton Heylin insisted that he was nowhere near the Chelsea Hotel between April and May 1965. Others said that the lawsuit was a simple money grab attempt. When other details surfaced such as Carra’s alleged encounter with angels and aliens further doubt was cast by the Dylan fan base.

From the lacklustre response of Issacs and Gleason which was that their six week timescale was now only two weeks because of the Dylan entourage’s tour schedule, it became apparent that the lawyers were becoming desperate for a settlement which they admitted to seeking in a recorded phone call. Heylin also rebuffed the claims as every movement of Dylan and his team was either recorded (during DA Pennebaker’s documentary) on film or in travel itineraries.

There are many people who suffer abuse and their recourse is the justice system. And in the small amount of cases that result from untrue claims the system loses acceptance and victims become more reluctant to raise their claims.

Gleason and Isaacs have disregarded the flow of information about their client and seem to be more resolved to have their case tried in a court of public opinion, blackening Dylan’s name along the way. In a perfect contradiction they say their case will be proved in a court of law yet made a number of statements to journalists without evidence or proof and refused to provide any details to support any of the JC claims.

Did these journalists or their editors perform background checks about the history of JC, Dan Isaacs, or Peter Gleason? Checks like these are vital to stem the rush to judgement and allow the publication of sham news stories where the past of both the claimant and their lawyers are controversial.

As millions of people continue to work from home and spend time on the internet in response to the COVID-19 lockdown the publisher’s match ignites the wildfire of unchecked stories that blasts across the screens with details and allegations presented as fact when no research or fact-checking, fundamental in previous eras, has been conducted.

In a meaningful turn, The New York Times did not follow suit and has not published a word about the Bob Dylan JC lawsuit (as of 5 September 2021).

Carra, Gleason, and Isaacs knew what they were doing when they told their story without any facts or evidence to the world’s press. The lawsuit which calls for Dylan to pay an unnamed sum of money comes less than a year after he struck a deal to sell his back catalogue publishing rights to Universal. Reports have valued the sale at around the USD$300 million range.

Bob Dylan’s office said that the claims are untrue and will be “vigourously defended” in court.

But does it protect Bob Dylan’s reputation from people who are already calling for him to be taken off the airwaves and his vinyl records pulled from shops? And what if the 2020s joke-“woke” mob call for him to be “cancelled”?

The justice system in the Western world is meant to protect those against false and frivolous claims. But does current law protect against unfounded character assassination where the claimant and their lawyers act as judge, jury and executioner of the accused’s reputation in the press? Will the law be changed?

Perhaps this will be a test case and we will discover the willingness of society to act with decency before ruining the reputation of a successful musician or a common woman or man.

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Bob Dylan News

Bob Dylan to Play First Post-Pandemic Concert at Buddy Holly Hall


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ZEUS NEWS —Bob Dylan, legendary singer-songwriter and Nobel Laureate, may be just under a year from his first performance since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Buddy Holly Hall in Lubbock, Texas is selling tickets, with the promise that Bob Dylan is scheduled to play at the Helen DeVitt Jones Theater on 31 May 2022 at 8:00 PM. As of this writing tickets are still available.

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This will also be the first Bob Dylan concert since the release of his album Rough and Rowdy Ways. The Pulitzer Prize-winner’s 39th studio album received widespread praise and positive reviews and became the second-highest rated album of 2020.

With the pandemic impacting concerts worldwide, all Bob Dylan concerts in Japan for the spring of 2020 were postponed after consulting with the Japanese government.

The Oscar-winning Dylan’s last public performance prior to the newly scheduled May 2022 concert was an online broadcast through the Veeps network called Shadow Kingdom which was hailed by many as a revolution in music broadcasting. Dylan played numbers from his back catalogue with the latest song being “What Was It You Wanted” from 1989’s Oh Mercy.

Zeus News Correspondent Alyson Camus said “This could be one of the premier concerts of all time for Bob Dylan fans. It’s difficult to believe an 80-year-old could still be a force of nature but Bob Dylan is ageless. Bassist Tony Garnier said the pre-pandemic shows were among the best of all Dylan shows, so this concert is certain to be a marvel to behold”.

The choice of venue for the concert is hardly coincidental. Buddy Holly has always influenced Bob Dylan and his music. In his Nobel Prize Lecture Dylan had this to say about the Peggy Sue singer:

If I was to go back to the dawning of it all, I guess I’d have to start with Buddy Holly. Buddy died when I was about eighteen and he was twenty-two. From the moment I first heard him, I felt akin. I felt related, like he was an older brother. I even thought I resembled him. Buddy played the music that I loved – the music I grew up on: country western, rock ‘n’ roll, and rhythm and blues. Three separate strands of music that he intertwined and infused into one genre. One brand. And Buddy wrote songs – songs that had beautiful melodies and imaginative verses. And he sang great – sang in more than a few voices. He was the archetype. Everything I wasn’t and wanted to be. I saw him only but once, and that was a few days before he was gone. I had to travel a hundred miles to get to see him play, and I wasn’t disappointed.

He was powerful and electrifying and had a commanding presence. I was only six feet away. He was mesmerizing. I watched his face, his hands, the way he tapped his foot, his big black glasses, the eyes behind the glasses, the way he held his guitar, the way he stood, his neat suit. Everything about him. He looked older than twenty-two. Something about him seemed permanent, and he filled me with conviction. Then, out of the blue, the most uncanny thing happened. He looked me right straight dead in the eye, and he transmitted something. Something I didn’t know what. And it gave me the chills.

I think it was a day or two after that that his plane went down. And somebody – somebody I’d never seen before – handed me a Leadbelly record with the song “Cottonfields” on it. And that record changed my life right then and there. Transported me into a world I’d never known. It was like an explosion went off. Like I’d been walking in darkness and all of the sudden the darkness was illuminated. It was like somebody laid hands on me. I must have played that record a hundred times.

Watch the entire Bob Dylan Nobel Lecture:

Bob Dylan, a winner of the Nobel Prize, an Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize, multiple Grammy awards, a Golden Globe, and the US Presidential Medal of Freedom was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 by Bruce Springsteen. He has frequently been characterised as the voice of a generation (or more than one), a musical prodigy, and a cultural icon. Dylan has his own brand of whiskey, Heaven’s Door, and a musical using his back catalogue, Girl from the North Country, has been performed at The Old Vic, the Noël Coward Theatre, and on Broadway and was released to critical acclaim.

OTHER NEWS: Bob Dylan Accuser Joan Carra Claims Alien Abduction and Contact with Angels in 2013 Book

Dylan has performed in the presence of Martin Luther King Jr, popes, members of Royal families across the world, and presidents of the US as well as tens of millions of fans worldwide over his 60-year career. He released three albums devoted to Frank Sinatra covers to celebrate the Great American Songbook. He crafts gates and other sculptures out of iron from his Black Buffalo Ironworks Studio and his paintings and artwork have been exhibited worldwide.

Note: This article has been edited to reflect the change of the concert date to May 2022

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Bob Dylan Daniel W Isaacs Joan Carra Peter Gleason

Joan Carra accuses Bob Dylan: The Legend, the Psychic, and the Unethical Legal Duo

By Arthur Knight 
Zeus News Chief 

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Bob Dylan will undeniably spare no expense to protect his legacy from sex abuse-accuser Joan Carra and two publicity-hungry lawyers. We know who Dylan is. But who are the other characters? Arthur Knight of ZEUS NEWS is the first to bring you the identity and history of the accuser of legendary singer/songwriter/artist/Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, and it’s Greenwich Connecticut based Psychic Medium JOAN CARRA

LATEST UPDATE: Email from Psychic Joan Carra Speaks of “Pre-Life” Abuse Visions to Former Client

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23 August 2021

ZEUS NEWS — For over 20 years Joan Carra has been a mainstay of the psychic industry. Revered around the world as a public figure offering valued sage advice and published in The Wall Street Journal and featured in New York magazine, Carra, a 68-year-old ex-New Yorker now based in Greenwich, Connecticut USA, is described on her website as a product of a “metaphysical family” from Long Island.

It’s almost like a Bob Dylan song, with a dystopian reality for him, his family, friends, and fans to be accused of horrific acts:

Señor, señor, I can see that painted wagon
I can smell the tail of the dragon
Can’t stand the suspense anymore
Can you tell me who to contact here, señor?

NEW: Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Attempts to Claim She, Not the Baroness Howard, is in 1966 Photograph

Psychic experiences were “natural and not supernatural”, Carra’s website says, owed to a father who possessed an occult library, a mother with prophetic dreams, and an aunt called Josie who read playing cards as well as ground coffee beans. Carra has carried on the family tradition and is cited in books, magazines, and local television programmes as “one of the top psychics in America”.

NEW: Daniel Isaacs, Lawyer for Bob Dylan Accuser Joan Carra, Accepted Bribe from FBI Agent in 2013

Joan Carra has accused legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan of abuse

In an interview with Marko Velimirovic of MysticMag published on 8 August 2021, Carra says she never expected to become a psychic until after an alleged unspecified emotional trauma “a long time ago” changed her life course. Carra says of her healing journey that she “realised that [she] needed to do it on a spiritual and psychological level” and added “Intuition has always been in my family and genes”.

NEW: Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Claims Alien Abduction and Contact with Angels in 2013 Book

This past weekend, in a year beleaguered by the continuing coronavirus pandemic and a month that witnessed what is arguably the worst foreign policy crisis in a generation after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, Joan Carra participated in the New Life Expo which has previously boasted revered names such as Deepak Chopra and Dr Oz as featured speakers. Carra joined these formidable personalities with a thirty minute lecture on “A Celebration of Life After Death” promising to demonstrate her ability to communicate with friends, family, and “even pets” who have “crossed over on the other side”.

Well, the last thing I remember before I stripped and kneeled
Was that trainload of fools bogged down in a magnetic field
A gypsy with a broken flag and a flashing ring
Said, “Son, this ain’t a dream no more, it’s the real thing”

As a renowned public figure and psychic medium Joan Carra was interviewed by New York Magazine about who would win the 2020 United States presidential election between Joe Biden and incumbent premier Donald Trump: “I heard, intuitively, that the vice-president takes over the White House and it will be very conservative. I thought it meant Biden, but unfortunately the message repeated ‘very conservative,’ as in, [then US Vice President Mike] Pence”. Biden indeed won the election yet Carra’s gifts, which she claims were tapped from her family’s genetic psychic abilities, are learnt “by doing”, and not always sharing her sixth sense with others, as she told WAG Magazine.

Joan Carra was born on 25 March 1953 at the height of Baby Boomer America. On the day she was born, Patti Page’s “The Doggie in the Window” was the Billboard number-one single. Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander during the Second World War, had served as US President for two months along with his vice-president Richard Nixon, who later became president himself and resigned amidst the infamous Watergate scandal. The world was still weary after two world wars fought within a 30-year timescale, and Eisenhower was threatening to use nuclear weapons in China during the Korean War until both countries agreed to an armistice. Domestically Eisenhower presided over two full terms as a US president lauded for economic prosperity.

After a childhood and young adulthood spent in Long Island, attending Herricks High School in New Hyde Park and living in Greenwich Village Joan Carra attended Goddard College in the US state of Vermont. According to her contemporaries at the time Carra was a product of her generation coming of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s, voting as a member of the Democrat party and living a flower child existence at university in Vermont. Goddard was widely considered a hub for those who shared the norms and beliefs of the counterculture movement of free love, a society free of money and capitalism, and “spiritual pharmacopeia”. As Carra explains in the WAG interview, “During a difficult period, I cried out to the universe and I experienced this light beam which I knew was the all of one.”

Señor, señor, you know their hearts is as hard as leather
Well, give me a minute, let me get it together
I just gotta pick myself up off the floor
I’m ready when you are, señor

It is the light beam, “all of one”, and psychic gifts and talents, as she described, that propel Carra through her life.

Carra, whilst maintaining a busy schedule of helping her clients through life with psychic reading sessions where her fees range between USD$125.00 and $500.00 depending on the length and setting of the reading, seems to have come to terms with the alleged “emotional trauma” that so beset her she went from living with an occultist bibliophile father and prophetic dreaming mother as a child to becoming a psychic as an adult. Joan Carra has now raised a lawsuit against singer-songwriter and Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan, accusing him of the most egregious of crimes.

The 13-page complaint, raised 56 years after the alleged abuse, contains, if true, troubling statements about both Bob Dylan and Joan Carra. Dylan is painted as a villainous abuser and Carra is held out to be severely damaged and extremely debilitated in her daily affairs. Both characterisations would be caricatures of Dylan and Carra since they both hold themselves out to be high-functioning, respected members of their craft. The complaint, authored by Carra’s legal representatives, filed with a New York court, appears to cast doubt on what listeners of Dylan and students of Carra have believed to be the truth about them.

Señor, señor, let’s disconnect these cables
Overturn these tables
This place don’t make sense to me no more
Can you tell me what we’re waiting for, señor?

Carra has claimed in the lawsuit through her legal representatives that in April 1965, shortly after her twelfth birthday in March, she was drugged, forced alcohol, and sexually abused by Dylan, then aged 24, in 1965 at New York City’s famed Hotel Chelsea. Carra’s lawyers, Daniel W Isaacs and Peter J Gleason, are somewhat doubtful of Carra’s success and stability. In the complaint raised in the Supreme County Court of New York Issacs and Gleason say that Bob Dylan’s actions left Joan Carra “emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged to this day”.

The lawsuit, filed by Gleason and Isaacs about three hours before the expiry date that would prohibit raising the complaint, was to allow Dylan’s legal representatives to comply with their demand for compensation for Carra’s alleged continuing to suffer from “emotional and physical injury including […] severe mental distress, anguish, humiliation, and embarrassment, as well as economic losses”. Gleason and Isaacs appear to request monetary reimbursement for Carra’s medical care and and attention whilst engaged in the effort to “cure herself of her injuries”.

Joan Carra

The injuries, according to Gleason and Isaacs, are “permanent and lasting”. Carra, they claim, is incapacitated from “attending her regular activities”. As a result of the alleged incidents from 56 years ago, the injuries suffered at the time included “severe emotional and psychological distress, humiliation, fright, disassociation, anger, depression, anxiety, personal turmoil and loss of faith, a severe shock to her nervous system, unspecified “outrageous” conduct, physical pain and mental anguish, and emotional and psychological damage” which are also, according to Gleason and Isaacs, “permanent and lasting” and Carra will “become obligated” to spend money on unspecified “medical care” and “treatment”.

Along with compensatory, punitive, and exemplary damages that would be awarded due to Dylan’s alleged “malicious, fraudulent, oppressive, and evil motives” the lawsuit appears to demand further compensation for a catalogue of alleged crimes including “grooming”, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional stress, unspecified “predatory, sexual, and unlawful” acts, sexual molestation, sexual abuse, battery, contact that was harmful and caused offence, and providing drugs and alcohol to a minor.

Joan Carra’s allegations, if true, are bound to blemish the singer’s storied career forever.

Bob Dylan’s representatives released a statement to Zeus News stating that “the fifty-six-year-old allegations are untrue and will be vigourously defended”.

Joan Carra requested her name be included in a caption in this photo by Jerry Schatzberg in 2013 and possibly later

In earlier years, Carra has attempted to be recognised as a part of the Dylan entourage since at least the early 2010s. On various websites and online forums Joan Carra is discussed as a “mystery girl” in a photograph with Dylan taken on 5 October 1965 at New York City’s Ondine Club owned by photographer Jerry Schatzberg. The speculation documented on websites reviewed by Zeus News included that the young woman in the photo was Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick or another Dylan friend Carole Adler. Sources including Schatzberg and his colleagues confirmed that it was definitely not Sedgwick but could not conclude that it was Adler. However in 2013 Joan Carra sent multiple emails to the webmaster of the website attempting to answer the enquiry about the unknown “girl with the headband” in the photograph speaking to a 24-year-old Dylan: the webmaster reported that Carra reached out to them to inform online sleuths that, allegedly, the girl with the headband was actually her.

Note: Joan Carra left a comment on this article (see below) with the user name “Silent NO More” demanding that we remove the photo as that was not the photo she claimed was her. Later the webmaster of Searching for a Gem apparently removed any mention to Carra’s name. However, the website is preserved here and here.

Other forum participants as recent as March 2019 have mentioned Carra’s name when attempting to identify the unknown girl with the headband such as at Steve Hoffman Music Forums (here is a backup link).

Joan Carra speaks about Bob Dylan and other topics

Under the condition of anonymity, a client of Joan Carra provided audio recordings to Zeus News where Carra spoke at length about her case against Dylan, interpretations of celebrity abuse, and her current fight with the US taxman, the Internal Revenue Service.

At the beginning of the phone call with Carra the client was told that the telephone psychic reading could not go forward for as long as 30 minutes since she was “dealing with the bank and the IRS right now”. Carra went on: “Two years ago I did electronic [tax] payments and now they are telling me they didn’t come through and then I just realised my return, the money they owe me for 2019, did not come through so I’ve got to deal with [that…]”. Carra continued: “I have all the bank papers, I’m calling the bank, so right now I’m a little stressed looking at this. It’s not going to work out. They didn’t pay me, it was supposed to be, the electronic payment, looks like, they didn’t, I didn’t get theirs, and they didn’t get mine. Yeah, it’s something weird.”

Carra was asked about her involvement with the allegations against Bob Dylan: “Yeah but you know I can’t say anything about it, you know, they’re crazy drug addicts. A lot of musicians, and you know, anything’s possible, right? You know? Just so you know, you have to look up, he was very close friends with Allen Ginsberg who was a known serial child molester. He was in Nambla, he was in a documentary about “National American Man Boy Love Association”, so, you have to look at that because Dylan and Ginsberg were very close. So anything could happen, and when you’re drugged out, you could do crazy things, right? In those days Elvis had 13-year-olds… and there’s even a website of all the rock stars who had young girlfriends.”

She continued, “Things were around, I studied poetry, so I saw about Ginsberg, and things like that.”

When asked if she believed Dylan to be innocent, Carra said “I’m not, this isn’t, this reading isn’t for this okay? I have to deal with what I’ve got to deal with. I don’t like to be a celebrity paparazzi you know? Because it’s not my place to look at people who aren’t asking me to read. And you know what? I’m not even thinking, I’ve got other things I’ve got to deal with, and you know, people have to deal with it, and if he was guilty then people have to realise, uh, that, you know, people go through a lot of pain. And maybe he had his own pain and demons and uh, the person did, you know, so we just have to respect that um, we learn from these things.”

Invoking the Me Too Movement, Carra said “We’re in a culture now that people can finally speak up, look at R Kelly and stuff. Michael Jackson, if you read the psychologist’s, and the maid, and even Marlon Brando’s interview, about Michael Jackson, they all said ‘there were crazy things going on with those young boys’. They found underwear, Marlon Brando had a talk with him. Yes people are great artists. It doesn’t mean they have mental illness and these things. People have been abused and we weren’t allowed to speak and it caused a lot of pain. And yes they are legends and we’re not saying they’re not brilliant people, but, uh, you know, there’s things that happen.”

She continued: “And you know what, I’m a person where, we have to look at compassion and forgiveness, but forgiveness doesn’t mean to condone so you’ve got to look at stuff like that, you know? I’m talking about Michael Jackson had, er, Marlon Brando’s interview with Michael Jackson, where Michael Jackson said he did it, I read that. Everybody read that. And we have to look at the Taliban, what’s going to happen with the poor women there. So, you know, we have to learn there’s, uh, no pill, you know, so we just got to learn as a society, these things, we have to study it where we don’t know what to do, you know, how do you stop it, I don’t know, the priests, it’s all big stuff.”

Referring to her case against Dylan, she said, “And you know what, that didn’t even go to trial yet, or court, or deposition, so what are you going to do? We can’t, you just read the lawyer’s statement, that’s all we can say.”

Carra concluded the psychic reading with “I’ve gotta get back to the bank. The next two days are a little bit intense for me, even three days, and I have to, uh, focus. More next week, because I’ve got to do the New Life Expo all day Saturday, virtually. You know what word I like to use, ‘Things evolve'”.

Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason

After speaking with Carra, the source also spoke with Carra’s lawyers, Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs. Zeus News reviewed a recording of the conversation between the source and Gleason and Isaacs.

Isaacs said, “You know what’s interesting, is, there was another article in The New York Post and I just spoke to someone who is coming out with a documentary about all the abusive stuff that was going on in the 70s and 80s with these musicians, and the fact there was no Me Too movements in music, and maybe this is beginning, so lots of things are going to start happening.”

Isaacs continued, “We both took this case, and filed it, you know, not lightly, you know? I believed our client even though it happened many years ago. Reading about Mr Dylan in my background research he was not the person I thought he was. Right Pete? Wouldn’t you say?” Isaacs chuckled.

Gleason, sternly, said “I would agree 100 per cent.” He continued, “We are presently speaking to Dylan’s attorney. We’re in conversations with the counsel and it’s all, at this point in time, our conversations with the lawyers, is strictly confidential.”

Isaacs interjected, “We’ll be meeting with Dylan’s lawyer in the next week or two, having a sit-down, face to face meeting. Just [attorney] to attorney, so basically, we can look each other in the eye, size each other up, and discuss the matter. We’ve been fielding phone calls from all over the place, with all major media outlets wanting us to come on television, and this and that, but we’ve been very glib and quiet. We think that’s the best way at this junction to protect our client.”

Isaacs and Gleason both pressurised the source to disclose any negative or incriminating information they might have about Dylan.

Both legal professionals have attracted negative attention in the past prior to being instructed by Joan.

Peter J Gleason

Peter J Gleason, who once ran for the New York City Council, has defended clients accused of serious abuse and has also acted on the instructions of clients who have alleged abuse by others. Gleason is perhaps most known to date for unsuccessfully asking a US Judge to prevent from public viewing any communications he had with Michael Cohen about two of his clients alleged to have been victims of former New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman. Cohen was formerly the longtime legal adviser to former US president Donald Trump and The Trump Organisation. Cohen and Trump have since severed all ties, and Cohen served a prison sentence. Gleason’s request was made to the judge overseeing the investigation into Cohen.

The New York Times reported that Gleason discussed his clients’ abuse allegations against Schneiderman with Cohen because Trump, who was at the time planning to stand in the next election for New York Governor, promised to “bring to light the women’s accusations” if elected.

In the same article, the Times of New York said of Gleason: “In his legal practice, he has shown a penchant for involving himself in salacious, tabloid-ready cases. In 2012, for instance, he represented Anna Gristina, the so-called Soccer Mom Madam, who was accused of running a brothel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. (At a hearing in the case, Mr Gleason offered to put up his own TriBeCa loft to help pay Ms Gristina’s bond and told the judge that she and her family could move in with him while she awaited trial.)”

Gleason’s loft was worth USD$2.5 million, according to The Guardian. Gristina was not only accused of running a brothel. She was accused of employing underage girls to work in the brothel located in the fashionable Upper East Side district of Manhattan and earned approximately USD$15 million during that time. After Gleason offered his flat for her bond and invited her to live with him, he removed himself from the case.

Gleason is also a former police officer and firefighter for New York City and once tried to purchase Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley. In an interview with The Guardian he said that Elvis was his “musical hero” and designed a room in his multi-million dollar flat after one of the themed rooms at Graceland: “The couch is the same colour as the shag carpet in Graceland. The room was designed with Elvis’s jungle room in mind,” he said.

When Gleason ran for the City Council, the defunct New York Village Voice published a damning profile of the then-candidate in 2009: “Gleason’s big claim to fame is that he was a firefighter for […] 10 years, during which he says he visited 90 percent of the buildings in the district, ‘checking out conditions or responding to calls.’ He’s boasted that this service enabled him to ‘know the district well’, establishing his connections to a neighborhood he only moved into two years before he first ran to represent it.

“But a Voice review of his FDNY records reveals that he was an active firefighter in the district for only a bit more than three years and that his department record is riddled with long stretches of time when he was either on leave or light duty, far away from the Lower East Side firehouse that he cites as the nexus of his relationship to the community.

“By the time Gleason retired on a full disability pension in November 1996 (while in his second year at Queens Law School), he had already taken nearly 49 months of paid medical leave or light-duty assignments, cutting short his FDNY career by over four years.

Gleason was also shamed for wearing “full firefighter regalia” on 11 September 2001 for what some said was a photo opportunity “though he’d actually left the department five years earlier.”

In one case, Gleason was injured and reaped, it was reported, a hefty settlement and used the money to hop onto the New York City property ladder.

“By his own count, he made almost a million-dollar profit on the sale of two East 80th Street apartments in 2007, minus taxes, which he complained about bitterly in a Voice interview. Between the settlement and the disability pension, the accident, as painful as it might have been, was the biggest payday of his life.” Barrett wrote Gleason’s legal career as a lawyer, celebrated on his (since removed campaign website) is “similarly mysterious.”

The Village Voice reported Gleason began law school in 1995 and after taking a decade to earn his law degree, was admitted to practice in 2004.

“Other than a series of sometimes bizarre cases brought either by him or a small law firm he is associated with to this day — once attempting to overturn his own failing grade in a law school class, and another time when he tripped over a hose in a Home Depot store — he has a scant legal history,” he wrote.

Daniel W Isaacs

Meet Dan Isaacs

Daniel W Isaacs is the former director of the New York City Republican Party and a one-time republican candidate for the New York State Assembly in the 89th District in 1996. Isaacs, according to documents submitted in court cases, is in a dire financial situation. As reported in a blog post (alternate link) by Larry “Noodles” Dressler, Isaacs is not paying maintenance to a former wife for his children and has not been forthcoming with a court about a case where he is a defendant and owes USD$100,000:

“The lawyer hired to file the lawsuit against Bob Dylan is Daniel W. Isaacs, who works out of Mt Kisco, NY. Daniel Isaacs graduated from New York Law School back in 1992. New York Law School is one of the lowest rated law schools in the country.

“Daniel Isaacs is currently in foreclosure on a $360K mortgage he co-signed with his ex-wife Silvanna DeBellis. DeBellis is living in the house in foreclosure that is located at 113 Highland Lake Road, Highland Lake, NY. DeBellis recently filed a hardship letter to try to stop the foreclosure on the grounds that her deadbeat ex-husband Daniel Isaacs has not been paying child support.

“Isaacs also got sued in 2001 and 2011 in foreclosure cases. Daniel Isaacs is currently getting sued by a financial company on a $270K promissory note in New York State Court. Dr. Norman J. Isaacs and Beatrice M. Isaacs both co-signed and guaranteed the note. Beatrice is also getting sued on the note.

“Attorney Isaacs recently asked for an extension of time to respond to discovery requests filed by the plaintiff in the case. Isaacs wrote the following letter on July 6, 2021, to New York Judge Henry Nowak:

“It must be noted that I am a solo practitioner, without any support staff, handling over 60 active litigation cases, and doing my utmost to get them resolved and plaintiff paid in a difficult legal environment for plaintiff’s attorneys. It should be further noted that I had previously represented to plaintiff’s counsel that I would make a $100,000.00 payment this past April. I did in fact do so, but my computer was hacked, and the funds diverted to third party. When plaintiff’s counsel did not receive the payment and I did not respond to their e-mails (blocked by the hacker), they filed the instant motion. We both became aware of what occurred this past Thursday and a police report has been filed. They have however declined to consent to my request.”

“Daniel Isaacs expects Judge Nowak to believe that someone hacked his computer and took the $100K that he was going to use to pay the plaintiff financial company, which had nothing to do with his request for an extension of time to respond to the discovery requests. Where did Isaacs get his hands on $100K when he can’t even pay child support?”

ZNN also learnt that in 2013 The New York Post reported that Daniel Isaacs was on an audio recording accepting a bribe from an undercover FBI agent. Isaacs said he was “never charged”.

What about Bob?

Meanwhile Bob Dylan fans around the globe have feverishly scoured the internet and other sources of information for his locations in the timetable alleged by Joan Carra, that of “six weeks” between “April and May 1965”.

Why Carra would spend years making attempts and requests to include her name in a caption of a photograph of a young woman that may or may not be her with Bob Dylan taken on 5 October 1965 as late as 2013 may never be known. But what is known is that between April and May 1965, Dylan was on tour, traveling, being filmed, or overseas working or on holiday.

Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin told HuffPost: “It’s not possible. Dylan was touring England during that time, and was in Los Angeles for two of those weeks, plus a day or two at Woodstock. The tour was 10 days, but Bob flew into London on 26 April and arrived back in New York on 3 June. If Dylan was in New York in mid-April, it was for no more than a day or two. Woodstock was where he spent most of his time when not touring. And if he was in NYC, he invariably stayed at his manager’s apartment in Gramercy, not the Chelsea.”

Terri Thal, Bob Dylan’s original manager when he first arrived in New York City told the Rockland/Westchester Journal News that “I never knew Bob to have an ounce of physical aggression and that’s all I have to say about it. It’s just not something I’ve ever saw.” She went on to say “The man I knew, when I knew him, wouldn’t have been capable of physical violence on anybody.”

Isaacs is standing by Joan Carra.

He told The New York Post entertainment hub Page Six that Dylan’s tour schedule “was not inconsistent” with Carra’s claims. “There are dates that he wasn’t touring for several weeks in April and this will all come out at that appropriate time. The claims were vetted before the case was filed and we did our research. It’s our position that the evidence will establish that he was in New York during the relevant time period.”

Isaacs, though, appears to be moving the goalposts for his and Gleason’s original complaint raised on Carra’s instructions.

Initially it was six weeks of false imprisonment, abuse, drugs, alcohol, and apparently no parental oversight whatsoever between Dylan and Carra. Now, it has dwindled to “several” weeks in April. It is undisputed that Dylan was overseas for the entire month of May 1965. As reported in Rolling Stone, Dylan “spent significant time in April playing acoustic gigs in West Coast cities: Berkeley, California (April 3rd), Vancouver, British Columbia (April 9th), Portland, Oregon (April 24th) and Seattle, Washington (April 24th).

“On April 25th, as documented in the clip above shot by documentarian D.A. Pennebaker’s camera crew, he left from Seattle for his Don’t Look Back tour in the U.K., where he was shadowed throughout by Pennebaker and his crew. The tour began April 30th in Sheffield, England and wrapped up May 10th in London at the Royal Albert Hall, but Dylan didn’t return to the U.S. until June, according to contemporaneous documentation of his schedule. After the tour, Dylan headed to Portugal for a vacation with his future wife, Sara Lownds. They returned to London shortly before Dylan’s 24th birthday on May 24th, and he was hospitalized at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington after coming down with an illness on the trip.

“The only window he could have been in New York throughout April and May 1965 was a short period of time in mid-April. “If Dylan was in New York in mid-April, it was for no more than a day or two,” says Clinton Heylin, author of the recent book The Double Life Of Bob Dylan: A Restless, Hungry Feeling (1941-1966) and a leading Dylan scholar. “It is almost impossible to find one week — let alone six — that spring when Dylan could have been staying at the Chelsea Hotel,” he adds.

Dylan, who recently won a court case raised in the same New York court against the widow of former collaborator Jacques Levy as she tried to claim for his Estate some of the speculated $300 million Dylan accumulated following the sale of his catalogue to Universal Music Group, has remained characteristically silent during this chaos with the exception of the brief statement denying Carra’s allegations issued through his management and releasing a previously unheard rendition of his “Blind Willie McTell” on his YouTube channel.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, a winner of the Nobel Prize, an Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize, multiple Grammy awards, a Golden Globe, and the US Presidential Medal of Freedom was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 by Bruce Springsteen. He has frequently been characterised as the voice of a generation (or more than one), a musical prodigy, and a cultural icon. Dylan has his own brand of whiskey, Heaven’s Door, and a musical using his back catalogue, Girl from the North Country, has been performed at The Old Vic, the Noël Coward Theatre, and on Broadway and was released to critical acclaim. He released Rough and Rowdy Ways, his 39th studio album, to widespread praise and positive reviews making it the second-highest rated album of 2020. Dylan has performed in the presence of Martin Luther King Jr, popes, members of Royal families across the world, and presidents of the US. He released three albums devoted to Frank Sinatra covers to celebrate the Great American Songbook. He crafts gates and other sculptures out of iron from his Black Buffalo Ironworks Studio and his paintings and artwork have been exhibited worldwide.

Dylan has undeniably changed the course of music and art, inspiring millions with his words and melodies. He is also fiercely private and protective of his family and his personal life. Achieving success at such a young age when he was discovered by Columbia Records producer John Hammond after performing in Greenwich Village gave Dylan insight into how best to handle those who would intrude into his privacy and personal world.

How such a man could ever commit such vile acts of cruelty is beyond all reason. Carra, Issacs, and Gleason have offered not one iota of evidence to substantiate their claims raised in the complaint, leaving it to the mainstream media to declare a dreadful soundbite-sized recitation of their bare-bones complaint raised with the New York Courts. If they indeed have a winning case that, as Daniel Isaacs says, will be proven in a court of law, and Joan Carra is being truthful, then the ethical, responsible, and just thing to do is provide a scantling of evidence or facts.

Carra’s answer is not blowing in the wind, waiting, remaining silent as she tries to grab whatever the breeze carries by whilst the world watches a legend, aged 80, suffer what must be a crippling thrash to his psyche and is an irremissible act of unconscionable horror if false. If Joan Carra has facts, if she has testimony, then Carra must present them to a waiting world. Isaacs and Gleason are attempting to use the media to compel the Dylan camp to settle for compensation and do not have Carra’s best interest at heart. If she was a victim of abuse she or Gleason or Isaacs must provide an explanation. Otherwise, she and they must apologise straightaway if the allegations are not true.

At the end of the day we will be judged by our actions. If Joan Carra is right or wrong, if Dan Isaacs is right or wrong, and if Pete Gleason is right or wrong, at the end of the day, it might be the devil, it might be the Lord, but they, and all of us, as a great man once said, are going to have to serve somebody.

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