Daniel Isaacs, Lawyer for Bob Dylan Accuser Joan Carra, Accepted Bribe from FBI Agent in 2013

25 August 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — ZNN has learnt that the lawyer for Joan Carra, known as one of “America’s top psychics”, who recently filed a disputed lawsuit against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, accepted a bribe from an undercover FBI agent in 2013 according to The New York Post. The headline of the article about Isaacs was “Manhattan GOP leader Isaacs caught on FBI tape entertaining $30G bribe from agent – pol whines ‘I have never been charged’”

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The story comes days after ZNN broke the news about the identity of the famous accuser and tabloid lawyers in a worldwide exclusive.

Isaacs, who was chairman of the Manhattan Republican Party at the time of the acceptance of the bribe from the undercover FBI agent, said in reply to the 2013 Post article that he “was not charged”.

Carl Campanile of the Post reported that “Manhattan Republican Party Chairman Dan Isaacs entertained a thinly disguised bribe offer from an undercover FBI agent posing as an associate of Democratic state Sen. Malcolm Smith, according to a transcript of taped conversations obtained by The Post. The explosive exchange between Isaacs and the federal undercover agent — posing as a crooked real-estate developer — took place at a Feb. 14 luncheon in Midtown’s Sparks Steak House.”

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One of the other diners at the same meeting was indicted. “Republican City Councilman Dan Halloran,” the report states, “was indicted for allegedly accepting bribes to help Smith get on the GOP ballot in the mayor’s race.”

The conversation between Joan Carra’s lawyer and the undercover FBI agent included salacious details about the embattled Isaac’s integrity and history as an attorney. The Post reported that the conversation included the following dialogue:

“I want to do the same thing. Because I’m in business as an attorney to make money,” Isaacs is quoted as saying.

“If I can hire you now, I’d love to,” the undercover responds.

The undercover tells Isaacs he has “three, four holding companies . . . And just bill me for 10 hours. I don’t care, whatever it is . . . To be honest, send me an invoice.”

Isaacs makes it clear he’s interested. “Yeah, I mean I’ll send you a retainer agreement, whatever it is you want to do and that, that’s fine . . . What do you want me to do? Send a written retainer to your holding company?”

The undercover says he’s “happy to pay,” but he needs “some commitment” from Isaacs to authorize a “Wilson Pakula” for Smith — the procedure that allows someone registered with a different party the legal right run in the GOP primary.

“I need to get him to the starting blocks,” the undercover said of Smith.

Isaacs says, “No, I hear ya.”

The undercover comes back, “I can hire you for a retainer now and then another . . . Is that a workable option with you?”

“That’s fine, because I was, heading that direction anyway,” Isaacs agrees.

In response to the allegations that he accepted a bribe from an FBI agent, Daniel W Isaacs confirmed the meeting with the undercover FBI agent.

These resurfacing developments come after Zeus News reported on Daniel Isaacs and his colleague and co-litigator of the case Peter J Gleason against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, instructed by Joan Carra. Isaacs and Gleason both have a questionable history.

As reported in a blog post (alternate link) by Larry “Noodles” Dressler, Isaacs is deeply ensnared in financial and legal problems including not paying maintenance to a former wife for his children as well as not being forthcoming with a court about a case where he is a defendant and owes USD$100,000:

“The lawyer hired to file the lawsuit against Bob Dylan is Daniel W. Isaacs, who works out of Mt Kisco, NY. Daniel Isaacs graduated from New York Law School back in 1992. New York Law School is one of the lowest rated law schools in the country.

“Daniel Isaacs is currently in foreclosure on a $360K mortgage he co-signed with his ex-wife Silvanna DeBellis. DeBellis is living in the house in foreclosure that is located at 113 Highland Lake Road, Highland Lake, NY. DeBellis recently filed a hardship letter to try to stop the foreclosure on the grounds that her deadbeat ex-husband Daniel Isaacs has not been paying child support.

“Isaacs also got sued in 2001 and 2011 in foreclosure cases. Daniel Isaacs is currently getting sued by a financial company on a $270K promissory note in New York State Court. Dr. Norman J. Isaacs and Beatrice M. Isaacs both co-signed and guaranteed the note. Beatrice is also getting sued on the note.

“Attorney Isaacs recently asked for an extension of time to respond to discovery requests filed by the plaintiff in the case. Isaacs wrote the following letter on July 6, 2021, to New York Judge Henry Nowak:

“It must be noted that I am a solo practitioner, without any support staff, handling over 60 active litigation cases, and doing my utmost to get them resolved and plaintiff paid in a difficult legal environment for plaintiff’s attorneys. It should be further noted that I had previously represented to plaintiff’s counsel that I would make a $100,000.00 payment this past April. I did in fact do so, but my computer was hacked, and the funds diverted to third party. When plaintiff’s counsel did not receive the payment and I did not respond to their e-mails (blocked by the hacker), they filed the instant motion. We both became aware of what occurred this past Thursday and a police report has been filed. They have however declined to consent to my request.”

“Daniel Isaacs expects Judge Nowak to believe that someone hacked his computer and took the $100K that he was going to use to pay the plaintiff financial company, which had nothing to do with his request for an extension of time to respond to the discovery requests. Where did Isaacs get his hands on $100K when he can’t even pay child support?”

In the previous article, ZNN reported:

Lawyers Peter Gleason and David Isaacs have used the lawsuit as a soapbox for publicity in newspapers around the world whilst a global investigation seeking Dylan’s whereabouts during the dates in question by amateur detectives is underway. Gleason and Isaacs have come under fire in the past with Gleason having offered his multimillion dollar Upper East Side flat as a bond for a woman who ran a USD$15 million underage brothel operation frequented by Charlie Sheen whilst Issacs owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child and family maintenance payments along with multiple foreclosures and monies owed to parties who have sued him.

Isaacs is the former head of the New York Republican Party whilst Gleason had a controversial deal with former Donald Trump solicitor Michael Cohen to release information about his clients allegedly abused by a former New York attorney general in exchange for Trump promoting the case of Gleason’s clients if elected to the office of New York Governor, an office he considered standing for at the time. Gleason’s request to a US judge was rejected during the investigation of Cohen.

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