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BREAKING NEWS: David Leavitt is confirmed to be head of Criminal Utah Cult

The Zeus newsroom has confirmed that David and Chelom Leavitt are the primary suspects in a widespread ritual sex abuse ring in Utah.

This is Arthur Knight in the Z24 studio with breaking news.

The Zeus newsroom has confirmed that David and Chelom Leavitt, the former Utah County Attorney and the latter a sex professor at Brigham Young University in Provo Utah are the primary suspects in a widespread ritual sex abuse ring in Utah.

We have received confirmation from the Utah County public relations officer Sergeant Cannon that there are known suspects but he would not name names.

David Leavitt and Chelom Leavitt

Officials with the Utah County Special Victims Unit have asked for help to identify victims and for victims to come forward. They are asking people with information about ritualistic child sexual abuse and child sex trafficking from 1990 to 2010 to come forward.

“The ensuing investigation discovered that other victims had previously reported similar forms of ritualistic sexual abuse and trafficking that occurred in Utah County, Juab County, and Sanpete County during the time between 1990 and 2010,” Cannon said. “We’re concerned about things that may have happened decades ago, but we’re also receiving information that leads us to believe things have happened more recently.”

They said portions of these allegations were confirmed.

“We are pleading with the public and encourage victims, or individuals with knowledge of these crimes, to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit, so that they can be offered all the assistance possible,” investigators said. “We understand that there are individuals who have concerns for their safety and/or well-being, who have been silenced. We need your help.”

Anyone who wishes to contact the Utah County Sheriff’s Office can call +1 801 851 4010.

Because we are working 24/7 to bring you the latest details we are postponing this morning’s episode of Sunrise.

To all of the victims of David and Chelom Leavitt we stand with you.

Correction note: An earlier version of this article in error stated Sgt Cannon had actually confirmed David Leavitt and Chelom Leavitt were primary suspects. Sgt Cannon made no such statement and we apologise profusely for the misattribution. We will be discussing this at length in a press conference on 3 June 2022.

However it remains a fact that David and Chelom Leavitt and David Hamblin are primary suspects based on multiple sources including Utah state law officers, United States Justice Department law officers, and over 15 independent sources in total. If Mr Leavitt was innocent these individuals would have no reason to contact Zeus. 

By Arthur Knight

Arthur Knight is chief correspondent for Zeus News. Before journalism he worked in trading and adult education. He lives in Glasgow with his wife after meeting years ago in The Old Smoke. Contact him at or +44 7568 508326

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