Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Attempts to Claim She is in 1966 Photograph and “Dylan’s fixer” is ‘Forcing’ People to Believe it’s The Baroness Howard

27 August 2021

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ZEUS NEWSJoan Carra, widely regarded as one of America’s foremost psychics who recently filed a disputed lawsuit against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan claiming he abused her in New York for six weeks whilst he was in the midst of a high profile overseas tour and documentary film is enmeshed in a fracas with different websites about removing her name on webpages concerning a photograph featuring an unknown girl or woman standing beside Dylan.

Carra has messaged several websites with the request to remove her name, claiming that the photograph where she specifically claimed that she was the “girl in the headband” was not the photograph of her after all. The photograph was featured among others on Bob Dylan’s legendary Blonde on Blonde record.

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One webmaster in particular, for the renowned Dylan rarities website Searching for a Gem, removed Joan Carra’s name from the website completely, stating that had he known that Carra would have been 12 years of age at the time of the photograph, he would not have listed her name on the website when she sought to have her name captioned in the first place.

The photograph, taken on 5 October 1965 at the Ondine Club, features a young woman wearing sunglasses on the crown of her head standing next to a seated Bob Dylan.

Since at least 2013, Carra has been emailing many different websites to request that her name be included in the caption of the photograph. Her name inevitably became included in discussions on other websites when the “mystery girl photograph”, as it is known, was mentioned. Many people believed the girl to be Edie Sedgwick or Carole Adler but those assumptions have never been proven.

Joan Carra, Bob Dylan
The photo in question which Joan Carra claimed to be her and Bob Dylan but later attempted to scrub the web of any mention of her name in relation to the photo

After Zeus News published an article that described Carra’s quest to have her name included in the caption of the mystery girl photograph from 1965, ZNN received an email from an indignant Carras, who also published a comment on The comment left on the article said “The photo J. C. was referring to was not the one you posted, so please correct your story. NOT THAT PHOTO.”

Sources provided to ZNN the recorded instances of Carra referring to a girl with “a headband” (the young woman’s head is adorned with sunglasses, not a headband) when making the request to include her name in the caption.

Carra requested That Thin Wild Mercury Sound author Daryl Sanders to include her name in the caption of the mystery girl photo. In correspondence reviewed by Zeus News, Sanders says that he “spoke with her several times while researching my book of the making of Blonde on Blonde. She claimed to be in one of the photos of the gatefold of the album but I was able to prove otherwise”.

When ZNN asked Carra which photograph she had actually been featured in with Bob Dylan, if any, she sent Zeus News a rambling email without an answer.

Joan Carra never indicated to ZNN which photograph she did ask to be captioned in if not the photograph with the headband/sunglasses. She indisputably requested the inclusion of her name in a caption on different websites on multiple occasions. Zeus News was tipped by multiple sources that the next photograph Carra wanted to have a go with the inclusion of her name in a caption was a shot with Dylan sitting on a sofa and a young woman relaxing on a chair, with the latest request made as recently as 24 August 2021. The photograph Carra claims features her and Dylan is below:

A photograph Joan Carra says is of her and Bob Dylan

Zeus News later confirmed that it was impossible that the photograph was of a 12-year-old Joan Carra since the photograph, taken at the Dakota Building in New York City in February 1966, featured one “Lady Sandra Suffolk”. Joan Carra said that “Dylan’s fixer was ordered to force everyone to say that the woman on the chair was known as Lady Sandra Suffolk and now known as Sandra Paul” — something which has already been confirmed as untrue.

Featured on the cover of Vogue magazine and acquainted with not only Dylan but also John F Kennedy and Frank Sinatra, she later became the wife of Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard, and is now known as Sandra Howard, Baroness Howard of Lympne. The Baroness works as a novelist and was previously married to Robin Doulgas-Home, nephew of the former Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home. In the 1990s the Baroness returned to modeling and appeared in several catalogues for high street retailer Marks & Spencer. However, the Baroness has confirmed that she is not the woman in the photo and the identity of Lady Sandra Suffolk is still a mystery. No one from Dylan’s team or the Baroness herself has attempted to claim that the woman in the photo is the Baroness, formerly known as Sandra Paul.

If any doubt remains, the photograph confirms that not only is this not The Baroness Howard of Lympne, but also that the woman in the photo above is not 12 years of age and therefore is definitely not Joan Carra, and it also comes with another photograph forbye. That photograph, with both Dylan and Lady Sandra Suffolk wearing the same clothing and shoes they wore in the photograph above, is below:

The Baroness Howard of Lympne and Bob Dylan in 1966

Why Joan Carra is hunting for random photographs that she believes include her and Dylan is unknown. What is known is that a futile effort since at least 2013 until as recently as this week where Carra has made numerous requests to include her name in the captions of photographs taken in the 1960s evinces a bizarre attempt to associate herself with Bob Dylan and substantiate her claim that she was in his presence as a 12-year old girl.

Another photo from the interview with Lady Suffolk

Daniel W Isaacs, the embattled lawyer representing Joan Carra who was reported in The New York Post for accepting a bribe from an undercover FBI agent, along with the similarly ethically scarred Peter J Gleason, who colluded with Donald Trump and Michael Cohen to release the personal information about clients in exchange for Trump’s political gain and subsequent publicity for Gleason and his cases, gave an interview to the Daily Mail.

Said Isaacs:

“There’s no question that [Joan Carra] was with Dylan at the Chelsea Hotel during that period. The complaint and allegations were thoroughly vetted and factual details were provided by our client. There are all kinds of things that we have found that support her claims, on the internet, various sources and blogs and stuff. A lot of research has been done on this. We will prove our case in court”.

Daniel W Isaacs, lawyer for Joan Carra

As Zeus News has said before we reiterate it now: if Isaacs, Gleason, or Carra have any evidence to support the claims in the lawsuit, or that Carra has ever met Dylan in the flesh, we will publish that information forthwith. If there are no “blogs and stuff” or any evidence in other respects, the ethical act would be to apologise for this distasteful action which has irrefutably and perhaps irreversibly damaged the legacy of one of the world’s foremost singer-songwriters of all time.

ZNN thanks its sources and the readers of this website who confirmed these details. Do you have a tip? Email us at

15 thoughts on “Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Attempts to Claim She is in 1966 Photograph and “Dylan’s fixer” is ‘Forcing’ People to Believe it’s The Baroness Howard

  1. Do these people have no shame. As Dylan once sang: Money doesn’t talk, it swears. This could be a verse out of Highway 61.

    Now the crackpot psychic she needed a ruse
    She told two shyster lawyers to find her a stooge
    They said well we know who you can accuse
    He’s famous too for breaking all the rules
    It doesn’t matter that it isn’t something he’s done
    In the age of ‘me too” he’ll be on the run
    Chased by the media down Highway 61.

  2. ‘widely regarded as one of America’s foremost psychics’. Who by, please? Is there an official ranking? What criteria do they use?
    My job involves selling books by Woo Masters, and I’d never heard of her, TBH.

  3. Not sure who the lady in the second photograph (with ‘LIfe’ & ‘Queen’ mags) is, but pretty certain it is not Baroness Howard, wife of ex-Tory leader Michael Howard…

  4. Very interesting. For the sake of easy reference, it would help if you included the date of publication when you quote from, or refer to material in, a newspaper.

  5. Thank you for what you are doing. Sorry to see all your posts disappear from The Carra bunch probably sent a message threatening them a law suit.

  6. Photographs of Bob’s High School Graduation ceremony in 1959,show the 6 year old Joan Carra sitting with Bob’s brother. Bob had given his mother’s ticket to Joan, and paid her busfare from New Jersey.

  7. Would someone please find more photographs with Dylan and unidentified parties? I don’t care if they are from last year or are a man. JC is running out of options and will accept anyone at this stage.

  8. Dakota pictures leave no doubt who the lady with Bob is. btw – I always thought Bob was rolling a joint in that picture.

    Funny that the accuser thinks people will buy that it’s a 12 year old girl. Can’t wait for her next wild claim!

  9. RE Zeus’ reporting that, ‘…in 2013 Joan Carra sent multiple emails to the webmaster of the website attempting to answer the enquiry about the unknown “girl with the headband” in the photograph speaking to a 24-year-old Dylan: the webmaster reported that Carra reached out to them to inform online sleuths that, allegedly, the girl with the headband was actually her…’, I agree with a former comment that the woman in the photo reprinted in connection to this by Zeus (young woman leaning down as Bob talks in her ear in an apparent club setting) looks black- furthermore if you will check page 40 of the accompanying cd folder/book to the boxset ‘Bootleg Series Vol. 12, Bob Dylan 1965-1966, The Cutting Edge’ I would go so far as to conjecture that it looks very much like the woman in that photo, Angeline Butler. -Henry Miller

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