TRANSCRIPT: Joan Carra Discusses Her Case Against Bob Dylan

24 August 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — ZNN has released a transcript of the phone call with Joan Carra, known as one of “America’s top psychics”, who recently filed a disputed lawsuit against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

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chatter, discussion, Carra volunteers information about the Irs alleging her to be a tax dodger

Source: You said you were dealing with the Irs at the moment.

Joan Carra: Two years ago I did electronic payments and now they are telling me they didn’t come through and then I just realised my return, the money they owe me for 2019, did not come through so I’ve got to deal with … I have all the bank papers, I’m calling the bank, so right now I’m a little stressed looking at this. It’s not going to work out. They didn’t pay me, it was supposed to be, the electronic payment, looks like, they didn’t, I didn’t get theirs, and they didn’t get mine.

S: So the taxman has made an error once again.

JC: Yeah, it’s something weird.

chatter about psychic reading

S: In Greenwich there was this woman who made an allegation about Bob Dylan, I thought you mentioned you were involved?

JC: Yeah but I can’t say anything about it. They’re crazy drug addicts, a lot of musicians. You know? Anything’s possible.

S: Are you sure he did it?

JC: I’m not going to answer that. Let’s do your reading, not his.

S: Oh…

JC: But just so you know, you have to look up he was very close friends with Allen Ginsberg who was a known serial child molester. Allen Ginsberg was a very…

S: The poet?

JC: Yeah! He was in Nambla, he was in a documentary about “National American Man Boy Love Association”, so, you have to look at that because Ginsberg and Dylan were very close. So anything could happen, and when you’re drugged out, you could do crazy things, right?

S: Certainly, I suppose

JC: In those days Elvis had 13-year-olds… and there’s even a website of all the rock stars who had young girlfriends.

S: Oh dear.

JC: Yeah…

S: How do you know it was Dylan?

JC: I’m not going to answer that!

S: It just seems so shocking, that’s the only reason I asked

JC: But you know, things were around. Things were around, I studied poetry, so I saw about Ginsberg, and things like that.

S: I’ve heard Dylan was into psychics

JC: Yeah, I think a lot of people, even the presidents, I met a psychic who did Trump, and the people, and Trump’s psychic does it by smell, you know? And I met her at a gig. Years before. And I met an old-time psychic who said there’s a court (note: unsure of word could be core, or tour) group. This goes back twenty something years that always did Washington like Roosevelt and others, the same psychics but different kinds of political parties. So of course, anybody who’s famous is into all that

S: I see. Okay. Do you think Dylan is innocent though?

JC: This reading isn’t for this, okay? I have to deal with what I’ve got to deal with. I don’t like to be a celebrity paparazzi you know?

S: Certainly

JC: Because it’s not my place to look at people who aren’t asking me to read

S: I understand, I was just wondering…

JC: And you know what? I’m not even thinking, I’ve got other things I’ve got to deal with, and you know, people have to deal with it, and if he was guilty then people have to realise, uh, that, you know, people go through a lot of pain.

S: Oh certainly. I can only imagine.

JC: And maybe he had his own pain and demons and uh, the person did, you know, so we just have to respect that um, we learn from these things. We’re in a culture now that people can finally speak up, look at R Kelly and stuff. Michael Jackson, if you read the psychologist’s, and the maid, and even Marlon Brando’s interview, about Michael Jackson, they all said ‘there were crazy things going on with those young boys’. They found underwear, Marlon Brando had a talk with Michael Jackson…

S: Michael Jackson. Yes I heard about that…

JC: You can’t assume, yes people are great artists. It doesn’t mean they have mental illness and these things.

S: Oh certainly

JC: People have been abused and we weren’t allowed to speak and it caused a lot of pain. And yes they are legends and we’re not saying they’re not brilliant people, but, uh, you know, there’s things that happen

S: Indeed…

JC: And you know what, I’m a person where, we have to look at compassion and forgiveness,

S: Yes

JC: …but forgiveness doesn’t mean to condone so you’ve got to look at stuff like that, you know?

S: Marlon Brando’s family was impacted by abuse obviously, Marlon Brando’s daughter, I think, killed herself…

JC: Right right, but I’m talking about Michael Jackson had, er, Marlon Brando’s interview with Michael Jackson, where Michael Jackson said he did it, I read that. That’s what I’m saying.

S: No, I see. Right. The abuse that occurred between Marlon Brando’s daughter and her husband

JC: Right, right

S: …had a huge impact as well

JC: And we have to look at the Taliban, what’s going to happen with the poor women there. So, you know, we have to learn there’s, uh, no pill, you know, so we got to just learn as a society, these things, we have to study it where we don’t know what to do, you know, how do you stop it, I don’t know, the priests, it’s all big stuff.

S: As in your case?

JC: And you know what, that didn’t even go to trial yet, or court, or deposition, so what are you going to do? We can’t, you just read the lawyer’s statement, that’s all we can say

chatter about psychic reading, call ended

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