Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Sends Email Rant on Abuse to Zeus News

24 August 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — ZNN has received an email from Joan Carra, known as one of “America’s top psychics”, who recently filed a disputed lawsuit against legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.

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Joan Carra demanded of Zeus News that a photo that featured Dylan and a woman taken on 5 October 1965 at Jerry Schatzman’s Ondine Club, which she claimed was her, be removed as that was “not the photo” she claimed was her.

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Later the webmaster of the Searching for a Gem website where she emailed requests to be listed in the caption in July 2013 removed any mention to Carra’s name. However, the website is preserved here and here.

Joan Carra, Bob Dylan
The photo in question which Joan Carra claims to be her and Bob Dylan but later attempted to scrub the web of any mention of her name in relation to the photo

Joan Carra left a comment on the Zeus News article about her asking for only one correction: “The photo J. C. was referring to was not the one you posted, so please correct your story. NOT THAT PHOTO.”

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Zeus News emailed Carra to confirm her request:

Hi —

Which photo would you like us to remove?


Team Zeus

ZNN later received this incoherent and rambling email from Carra:

Email begins:

Subject: Dylan with child

On Tuesday, August 24th, 2021, Joan Carra <email redacted> wrote:

playboy interview with nat hentoff Dylan mentions he married a 13 year old

He wanted to be Elvis who met a 14 year old

new song he married at 12

Ginsberg in documentary Chicken Hawks Man Boy Love Association

Dylan on Ginsberg’s recording of Jimmy Berman filled with foul language to a newspaper delivery boy

I have been researching rock musicians to young girls for years.  Perhaps you should

Joan Carra’s email when asked which photograph she wanted removed

Along with the name of the sender of the email, the IP Address and email address were matched by Zeus News analysts to those used by Joan Carra in the past, removing any doubt of the sender or authenticity of the rambling email.

The email from Joan Carra comes after Dylan friends, fans, and scholars around the globe have doubted the veracity of the lawsuit brought 56 years after Joan Carra’s claims. She recently spoke with a Zeus News source and her legal professionals Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs have come under fire for past unethical behaviour.

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11 thoughts on “Joan Carra, Bob Dylan Accuser, Sends Email Rant on Abuse to Zeus News

    1. She’s confused 🙂 Here is what she is talking about with the 13 year old and the delivery boy.

      PLAYBOY: Mistake or not, what made you decide to go the rock-‘n’-roll route?

      DYLAN: Carelessness. I lost my one true love. I started drinking. The first thing I know, I’m in a card game. Then I’m in a crap game. I wake up in a pool hall. Then this big Mexican lady drags me off the table, takes me to Philadelphia. She leaves me alone in her house, and it burns down. I wind up in Phoenix. I get a job as a Chinaman. I start working in a dime store, and move in with a 13-year-old girl. Then this big Mexican lady from Philadelphia comes in and burns the house down. I go down to Dallas. I get a job as a “before” in a Charles Atlas “before and after” ad. I move in with a delivery boy who can cook fantastic chili and hot dogs. Then this 13-year-old girl from Phoenix comes and burns the house down. The delivery boy – he ain’t so mild: He gives her the knife, and the next thing I know I’m in Omaha. It’s so cold there, by this time I’m robbing my own bicycles and frying my own fish. I stumble onto some luck and get a job as a carburetor out at the hot-rod races every Thursday night. I move in with a high school teacher who also does a little plumbing on the side, who ain’t much to look at, but who’s built a special kind of refrigerator that can turn newspaper into lettuce. Everything’s going good until that delivery boy shows up and tries to knife me. Needless to say, he burned the house down, and I hit the road. The first guy that picked me up asked me if I wanted to be a star. What could I say?

      PLAYBOY: And that’s how you became a rock-‘n’-roll singer?

      DYLAN: No, that’s how I got tuberculosis.

    2. surprised she hasn’t quoted the lyrics to just like a woman as further PROOF too – only somebody very unstable could read the playboy interview and see any TRUTH in dylans answers – everybody else just bob being hip and typically evasive – as if to say this answer is just as valid as how i remember what happened etc – he always knew there was no such thing as ‘truth’ just opinions and interpretations too – still i hope all this is not a smoke screen for a more credible accuser

  1. This is glorious! In the Playboy interview where he mentions a 13-year-old he also says one sentence earlier that he “got a job as a Chinaman”…. If Dylan fights back on these charges surely she may end up in prison for this?

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