Email from Psychic Joan Carra Speaks of “Pre-Life” Abuse Visions to Former Client

By Arthur Knight
Zeus News Chief 


7 September 2021

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ZEUS NEWS — A former client of Joan Carra has released a 2013 email from Carra, known as America’s top psychic.

The email was released under the condition of anonymity by a former client of Joan Carra. Carra, who recently filed a disputed lawsuit in the New York County Supreme Court against singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, provided psychic services to the mother of four after a severe car crash.

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“She just would not let up,” said Amy (ZNN is using a pseudonym to protect the identity of the source). “I went to Joan Carra looking for help and support after suffering severe migraines and physical pain. Her obsession with getting me to confess that I was abused by rockstars was the result”.

Psychic Joan Carra
Joan Carra

“Joan was magnetic and seemed to love and care for me but it became apparent later that she had an agenda where I as a client was no longer the focus of my journey to recovery”.

In emails and invoices reviewed by ZNN Amy was a sporadic client of Joan Carra for 37 months prior to ending the relationship with the psychic. A big part of the reason, Amy said, was after relentless pressure to speak to a lawyer about abuse seen in “visions” during psychic sessions. Carra said visions and cards revealed abuse by musicians that was inflicted against Amy and two of her four children in what Joan Carra purportedly called “the pre-life” and made itself known in this life as a car crash.

Carra, who alleged alien and angel visitations in a 2013 book, said it was Amy’s “duty” to bring three musicians to justice based on the psychic visions.

“Joan was a kind lady. But when she started to talk about abuse, I was in a vulnerable place after my car crash. She started something called ‘pre-life care’ and we used the ouija board and a tarot card deck. Joan revealed that in the pre-life and in this life while unconscious we were abused. Joan said that the abusers were Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Ozzy Osbourne.”

When asked if Amy had ever met with Dylan, Lennon, or Osbourne, she confirmed she had never had any association with the musicians. Amy was born after John Lennon died in 1980 making it impossible for her or her children to be abused by him as Joan Carra claimed in the psychic sessions with Amy.

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“She tried to drill it into my head that these men abused us and that abuse manifested into a car crash. Her explanation was that ‘spirits’ crashed the cars to help us understand what happened to us in the pre-life and even in this life. I even had an ADT (Security Services) alarm installed at Joan’s direction,” Amy said. “After being indoctrinated she wanted me to talk to lawyers and journalists and that was not something I was comfortable with, it was then that the red flags were in sight. I should have known sooner”.

ZNN reviewed hundreds of emails between Joan Carra and Amy spanning a timescale of nearly three years. An email encouraging Amy to “sue” the three musicians and “forgive” but have them “answer” from Joan Carra was the final straw for Amy.

In an email dated 5 November 2013, Amy is pushed by Joan Carra to “help prevent Osbourne, Dylan and Lennon abuse from happening to other girls” (sic) and to “not be afraid of the visions” as that “is part of the healing process”:

Joan wrote:

“From my heart I know this is hard and I stand where you stood. We have known one another for 2plus years but the spirits the gods and the victims need your voice your power.  They are afraid of us but we know the truth. 

“I have taken a look and did a special reading with relevance to this. The cards say that what you told me in your dream was the reverse of what happened the opposite as discussed on the phone. If you were standing online at the pharmacy they give you oxy instead of Tylenol look what you are putting into your body now it is the same thing. You have been drugged redacted and the evil spirits have had your way with you and redacted and redacted. Tylenol (spiritual) is not in your system it’s the oxy! It interferes with our pre-life memory is that why you came to me? After the accident? 

“You told me it was Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, and John Lennon that you saw there and they were there hurting you, raping you, sodomizing you with a boat oar. You knew it and I knew it before you even tell me these things. If you sue them you weaken their negative energy, them and their unseen servants redacted! 

“If you are afraid of them don’t be! But we must unite and help prevent Osbourne Dylan and Lennon abuse from happening to other girls! Here and in the after life. Don’t let the spiritual (oxycontin) they fed you in your dreams trick you into thinking they did not rape you. 

“I’ve been doing this so long redacted and you know I guided you to your pre life situation. You saw those three stars hurting you, raping you as a young girl. If it happened then it happened in this life. If it did not the cards would not confirm it. 

“Do not be afraid of the visions that is part of the healing process. We are to forgive, forgive, forgive! Peace to all but they must answer (Osbourne and Bob Dylan) in this world and Lennon in the other. 

“Give me an answer. We can communicate with the angels who witnessed your abuse on the ouija or in meditation. But don’t give up now! We are almost there! The angels will tell you what to do! Trust them! 

“Please phone me on the cell and we can work through this!”

Joan Carra Bob Dylan email
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Amy says that she is coming forward now after learning about Joan Carra’s allegations against Bob Dylan.

“I feel that Joan used my vulnerability for her own agenda, trying to force me to take action against things that never happened to me or my children. Why would I let my children out of my sight? In hindsight I think she invited more damage than calm into my life. When she started asking my children if they were abused by these musicians after I told her not to I immediately ended all sessions with her”.

Zeus News sent multiple requests to Joan Carra, Dan Isaacs, and Peter Gleason asking for their response to “pre-life abuse” and other statements and received no reply.

The email has been revealed by Amy just as Joan Carra continues to request that her name be included in captions of photographs of unknown women with Bob Dylan.

Carra’s legal team, Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs, have also been scrutinised for unethical and even criminal behaviour. Gleason collaborated with former President Donald Trump when the latter was contemplating standing for election in New York for the office of governor, releasing private client information to Trump’s lawyer at the time Michael Cohen in exchange for publicity about the case against Eric Schneiderman from Trump had he been elected. Dan Isaacs was involved in a FBI sting operation when an undercover agent offered and Isaacs accepted a bribe in principle whilst chairperson of the New York City Republican Party.

In a previous email to Zeus News Carra claimed that she has “been researching rock musicians to young girls for years”. Lawyers Peter Gleason and Daniel Isaacs said last month they were soon meeting with Bob Dylan’s lawyer to try to settle the case.

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This is a developing story and more details will be published as they are received. 

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