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Response to Utah County Attorney David Leavitt and Statement to the Media

David Leavitt has the power in his hands to eradicate my existence and all plans for the future of me and my wife

Standing as a Nation where its citizens protect one another


2 June 2022

Today we contemplate the words not of a public servant who admirably resolved perplexing political problems but a seemingly unbalanced man who deliberately made a situation of his own creation more complex.

We live in a world where a public servant seeks to wear a badge of honour and certainly Utah County Attorney David Leavitt has altered that much further. Without any evidence but with all of the pomp and circumstance of office Mr Leavitt has taken my life into his hands, changed my name, called me a blackmailer and an extorter, and abolished my identity. He has continued to demolish my existence, building a wall with bricks made of lies.

One brick builds upon another. Mr Leavitt has the power in his hands to eradicate my existence and all plans for the future of me and my wife. Our goals are not uncommon with those of families across the world. We wish to have children, make happy memories, and share our lives with one another. Some people may call them ‘rights’ but Miranda and I call them absolute familial entitlements. And they are being wiped away by an insensitive individual hell-bent on putting our lives on pause.

Now this man openly and without provocation said he did not commit cannibalism or the murdering of small children. Mr Leavitt has continued to victimise me with a reckless disregard for the truth. He is claiming that I uploaded a document at 10:30 UK time consisting of 151 pages about his and his wife Chelom’s case. I never uploaded any such document and I challenge Mr Leavitt to produce a screenshot, printout, or URL that corroborates his remarks otherwise this is just another brick added to his wall of lies.

David Leavitt and Chelom Leavitt

What I did do is take full responsibility when told that I had been the victim of spoofing by a person using a public relations officer’s phone number — possibly by Mr Leavitt himself — telling me that his and his wife’s name were on the record as prime suspects. The professional thing to do would be nothing if I were everything he says I am, a conman, a blackmailer, an extorter. But he took to his bully pulpit and spoke as if the Utah County Sheriff and I are bedfellows.

I took full responsibility and profusely apologised to the public relations officer concerned, even though someone who knew I was communicating with him earlier was able to use his phone number to ring me for the sake of his own goals, the posts of which are ever-moving as he instructs the Lord Advocate to do his bidding from a family known as American royalty that own the 13th largest insurance brokerage firm in the US and counts a Cabinet Member in the George W Bush administration among its members.

Mr Leavitt has not only perpetually lied over the past seven months, but this investigation confirmed what my wife, trusted associates and I already knew. And now It is for all to know as an example of Mr Leavitt’s brand of autocracy that must be abandoned today and not a day too late.

Let all people know that here and now we say to Mr Leavitt that our family is not for sale. We have spent nearly £100,000 on legal fees to no avail because Mr Leavitt continues to use his elected office in his political career as a talking point that he is “tough on crime”. This is a man that continues to march forward in pernicious contempt for me and my family.

It is time for Mr Leavitt to know that, since the allegations had nothing whatsoever to do with cannibalism and murder and have everything to do with a child sex abuse ring, my wife and I stand with the victims of David and Chelom Leavitt. Whilst the Leavitts attack us for yearning to breath free we have captured the light and promise of our Monarch as we are proud Britons, blessed to be born in the shores of these isles, tried by hardship, moulded by a changing and hopeful world, overjoyed at the potential of our future as Her Majesty shared on her Platinum Jubilee.

We are unwilling to let the Leavitts allow the building of a wall cemented with the glue of his autocracy as he mistakenly labels me with what he is now labelling himself, as he admits he was investigated for sex abuse, cannibalism, and the murder of children.

Mr Leavitt must know and we must have the support of our countrywomen and countrymen that we shall settle any cost, confront any lie, lend a helping hand, admit fault where the fault is ours, and endure any tragedy imposed to maintain a community spirit of success amongst each other as proud Britons.

Mr Leavitt may not give in tomorrow. He may not give in next month. He may never give in and the investigation against him will continue. But the crucial point is the one at which we start.

My friends and neighbours of this glorious country of ours, as we celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, let us gather together to support one of our own, I ask you to stand with me and my wife, and we promise from the bottom of our hearts that we will stand with you. What we can do together is work for the freedom of our fellow women and men.

As one who survived three comas in three months, bilateral pneumonia, and the alienation of friends and subversion of family and the loss of work and even my name, let us go forward with the sure reward that community still exists, sacrifice is commonplace, and the future is only as bright as we make it.

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By Arthur Knight

Arthur Knight is chief correspondent for Zeus News. Before journalism he worked in trading and adult education. He lives in Glasgow with his wife after meeting years ago in The Old Smoke. Contact him at or +44 7568 508326

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