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I know this is a long read. Please forgive me. But the story is worth it.

We never thought we would be in a situation where we would ever have to ask people for financial assistance. We have always given to people and organisations in need and made monthly/yearly contributions to Mind, Guide Dogs for the Blind, the PDSA, the Donkey Sanctuary, the National Trust, the Church of England, Horse World, Blenheim Palace, the Royal Collection, and the Imperial War Museums. Arthur is the kind of person to stop and offer a beggar a meal deal from Tesco and bring it to them as they sit sadly on the pavement.

I have been in awe of his generosity, and he has helped people, recognising that even small acts of kindness can give something greater to those in need.

Unfortunately, we have been hit by a legal tidal wave accompanied by a media circus that has never been seen before. Just prior to this happening in January, in September, my husband was infected with a bilateral pneumonia under extreme circumstances that are being investigated by police.

Here’s how it happened.

The Birth of Zeus

Arthur had started an investigatory news website called with several colleagues. His first story uncovered a fraudulent claim brought by a woman who calls herself “America’s Top Psychic” and said Bob Dylan raped her when she was 12 years of age in 1964. He and his colleagues identified the woman and interviewed her on the record. Arthur was also investigating other links and individuals that had to do with the story.

Bob Dylan’s management and legal team contacted Arthur after published articles about story. Some of the articles were about the corrupt solicitors, one of whom agreed to accept a bribe from an undercover FBI agent and another who colluded with Michael Cohen to release names of his clients to help a potential 2015 New York Trump campaign for governor. After Arthur disclosed the evidence they gathered from sources Dylan’s team including Larry Jenkins, and lawyers for Mr Dylan from Gibson Dunn booked their flights to London to meet with him.


The Attack and Stay in Hospital

Less than 48 hours later, Arthur was attacked with a vapouriser and sprayed with an unknown liquid. If I had not been there to witness the aftermath, I would have a difficult time believing someone could be attacked in such a way, even if it was my own husband. Arthur began to seize and was attended to by the paramedics. We gave a statement to the police. This was a warning and the beginning of our nightmare.

Within days Arthur became extremely hypoxic and was not eating at all. We phoned Dylan’s team and informed them that Arthur was incredibly ill. We phoned paramedics soon after, who confirmed our worst fear, that Arthur’s blood oxygen saturation had dropped to 70 per cent.

The next day, the doctors told me that there was a very good chance that Arthur was “not going to make it”. When I asked about a survival rate, they replied “five per cent”.

The only option was for Arthur to go on a ventilator and in a medically-induced coma, so I had to say my goodbyes, not knowing if he would ever wake up again. This instance would not be the only time he would have to suffer these comas. He was further placed in an additional two comas lasting over ten weeks.

Arthur Knight, Miranda Knight
Miranda & Arthur Knight on their wedding day, 22 February 2020

Arthur had the “most severe” reaction to what he had been poisoned with. Over 70 per cent of his lungs were scar tissue, and they remain that way to this day. He will be on oxygen for the rest of his life.

Talking about every painful instance during Arthur’s three-month stay in hospital would be time-intensive, and we can do so in an update later. It is sufficient to say that the doctors and consultants told me six times that Arthur was near death.

The Allegation

In mid-December, just as Arthur was beginning not to need to be placed in medically-induced comas, two police constables from Police Scotland burst into Arthur’s room in the hospital ward. For someone who nearly died of a heart attack less than a fortnight earlier, I still weep at the thought of how my husband did not have one when the very unprofessional PCs told him that he was wanted in Utah County, Utah, for a sex crime.

Utah County, Utah, we thought? Arthur had never been to the United States, or Utah. He cannot fly on an aeroplane because of his epilepsy and he does not have a passport.

The only connection Arthur has ever had to Utah was when he was doing research for a potential book on influential descendants of religious figures in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. One of the descendants of an influential Mormon was Mike Leavitt governor of Utah who said a better story would be about David Leavitt his brother who was standing for election as Utah County prosecutor.

Arthur spoke with David Leavitt and his wife Chelom. They were very pleasant and open about their lives. Arthur asked for three people who he could speak to about David Leavitt. He provided the names of an official in the Mormon Church, another family member, and a colleague who was helping to facilitate David’s political campaign.

Those three people provided more names, and no less than three people warned Arthur to not write about David Leavitt. He was reactionary, vindictive, and retaliatory, Arthur was told. So he dropped the project.

Now as recently as this week, he is blaming Arthur for “releasing a 151 page report” about him on Zeus News. There has been no such report on Zeus News. He has also denied, for some unknown reason, that he is a cannibalistic child murderer when no one alleged him of being a cannibalistic child murderer.

The Revelation

But he found out through his research into the Bob Dylan lawsuit that a Scot called Anna Gristina was involved with the Leavitts and the solicitors who were fraudulently trying to sue Bob Dylan. This woman was called the “football mum madam” in the media (or “soccer mum madam” in the US press). Arthur wrote about Anna Gristina before his pneumonia. She later went on a media tour for damage control, claiming she was transitioning from brothel owner (she pleaded guilty to facilitating prostitution) to children’s book author.

Because Leavitt was afraid that Arthur would name Leavitt of child sex abuse next, Leavitt rang Arthur and told him, “people are saying weird things about me; please give me a call back”. Arthur had previously asked Leavitt if the things he was told were true, and Leavitt replied, “you’re going down a dark path you don’t want to go down” sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Leavitt, armed with the power of his office but frequently accused in the media of corruption and using public power for personal gain, has stripped Arthur of his identity, called him by a name that he has never been known by, has given over 100 extrajudicial and prejudicial media interviews that have arguably tainted the jury pool in the whole of the US, and even claimed my husband accused him of being a murderer and cannibal. Arthur only said he had information and confirmation from sources that he and his wife Chelom were accused and there was evidence of sex abuse.

The Truth

Throughout this entire time David Leavitt has lied and said my husband was in custody (he’s never been in custody at any time in his life), he said my husband has three passports (he has none), he has victims in Scotland and the UK (not at all, he has never been questioned by police in his life), and is being unfairly targeted by a prosecutor who fears losing his election in three weeks.

All of this has caused enormous strain on us. We were warned by Mr Dylan’s solicitors that Arthur’s life was in danger but Police Scotland did not take our claims seriously. When you tell someone you’ve been chatting to Bob Dylan’s lawyers and manager they have a right to think you’re a bit mad I suppose.

We have instructed solicitors (lawyers) to help us. They have not. Amazingly our Utah lawyers are working more than anyone we’ve hired in Scotland. We can’t instruct a QC unless we have a solicitor. We have no money or savings remaining.

We would welcome any support you can give whether its big or small. All donations will go to a good cause, and it will help us fight this injustice that has been spread by the media who continue to spread the lie that my husband is a fugitive when he has everything one has as a British/Irish citizen.

We need to pay for solicitors. We need to pay for Queen’s Counsel. We need to pay for our lawyers in Utah who are working to have the case dismissed. Please help as much as you can.


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