Arthur Knight Sunrise

Sunrise Podcast for 30 May 2022

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It’s Sunrise from Zeus News. Today we discuss all of the day’s top stories including a new report from the BBC discussing policing response times,

Ukraine’s win of Eurovision and the auctioning of the crystal microphone trophy to purchase a Ukrainian-made drone system with two drones and a ground control station.

We also hear about US President Joe Biden making stops to pay tribute in different parts of the states that have been sadly impacted by gun violence. A crowd outside the Sacred Heart Church was chanting “Do something” repetitively as Biden exited the church. He replied “We will”!

Obituaries today, Ronnie Hawkins of The Band passed away on Sunday aged 87.

Is a United Ireland one step closer to a reality now that Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill is about to occupy the seat of First Minister of Northern Ireland?

The Bob Dylan Centre opens in Tulsa Oklahoma to explore the creative process and inspire the next generation of artists.

EasyJet is offering a £1000 bonus at the end of the summer holiday season as airlines battle to retain staff after what is expected to be a busy summer as airlines prepare to see industry demand return to pre-covid levels.

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