Flightmare: Unprepared airlines cause chaos and hit summer 2022 holidays

ZEUS 24 Newsline — Airports around the world are seeing chaos like never before. Families are sleeping on floors. Flights are being cancelled in waves. And holidaymakers are standing in endless queues. Manchester. Bristol. Gatwick. The nation’s most important airports are seeing waves of disruption. And it’s not over yet.

Passengers are being told to expect further delays and consumer watchdog group Which? has called for immediate government intervention.

Passengers were forced to sleep at Stansted Airport

The travel delays for holidaymakers in the first covid-free summer since 2019 are expected to get worse before they get better.

The Civil Aviation Authority, the government’s airline regulator has warned airlines not to make last minute cancellations. Airlines are responding and claiming that they are trying to scale up quickly after shedding jobs during the pandemic. Manchester Airport officials have said delays could last for at least a month.

Ken O’Toole Deputy CEO of Manchester Airport had this to say: “We are short-staffed at the moment. Our processes need to catch up. We are confident that in a couple of weeks we’ll be in that position.

Also part of the delay is said to be the need for covid immunisation documentation.

Airports around the UK are said to be in what industry experts call a “hiring frenzy” but filling roles such as baggage handlers is said to be a challenge.

Many people who formerly worked in airports are also choosing to stay in jobs they found during the pandemic. Experts and analysts say they feel they have found stability and don’t want to bugger that up.

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