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[Sticky] Reuqest for links and info

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Editor request: please find any and all links, videos, books, and images related to Joan Carra. Do not create a separate post for each link. Please submit your list of links in a single post and then edit your post to add any additional links. Any problems email


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Apparently our Joan Carra was in a film listed on IMDb 

…coincidentally the other actors name is Dylan

The Pauper & the Magician

2016 - 5 minutes

A great magician gives jazz drummer Ari Hoenig his book of magic. Once opened, a world of magic and mystery is unleashed.

Joan Carra plays the pauper and Dylan DePice plays the magician. 

Once upon a time, there lived a powerful magician with darkness in his heart. He was the greatest sorcerer in all the land, and he used his abilities for deeds both evil and strange. In a rare moment of weakness and boredom, the magician tossed his magical book to a panhandling pauper, inviting the pauper to be enveloped into the magician's own unique, twisted dimension inside the book itself.”

Apparently the video was made to promote an album by someone Ari Hoenig


Watch online part 1

Part 2