Zeus News Launches ‘Temple Forum’ for Discussion and Open Source News Gathering for Bob Dylan Case and Other News

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ZEUS NEWS — On 28 August Zeus News launched its discussion and dialogue section, known as Temple Forum, which will also serve as a repository for evidence, newly found documents, raw news tips, and other elements to encourage the reporting of news in an “open source” style. Registration is open to all.

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Tips, discussions, and contributions at the Zeus News Temple Forum will then be verified by the Zeus News editorial and legal teams, and then appear as news articles at ZeusNewsNow.com.

Zeus News Now is a recently developed news and opinion website which broke the news about the identity and history of Bob Dylan accuser Joan Carra as well as her lawyers Peter Gleason and Dan Isaacs after they raised a claim in a New York court that the legendary singer-songwriter abused Carra aged 12 in the Hotel Chelsea without evidence or proof.

The forum, Zeus managing editor said, will be a place to increase dialogue and discussion about the topics and stories covered on Zeus News. “While Bob Dylan is respected and revered among many there remains a wish to discuss where he was in 1965, how to defend his reputation, and exchanging views on explaining why Bob Dylan should not be canceled. We will not be an echo chamber. We invite all points of view to engage. And when we begin to cover other news the Temple Forum will serve a similar, valuable purpose”.

“We want to pioneer a new style of newsgathering, through collaboration directly with our readers and engaging them in the monitoring, fact-checking, and publishing process. Never before has a news organisation been willing to allow its readers to contribute in an open source style and this experiment will be a success. Truth and honesty have never been more important especially as we cover our Bob Dylan series of articles and the open source approach to news gathering and publication will guarantee that the truth is published quicker than ever to our readers and other interested people. Temple Forum is the centre point of that effort”.

Carra has lied several times since the international story about her allegations broke, claiming that she was in two photographs with Bob Dylan in 1965. She also contacted Zeus News to demand that a photograph alleging to be her in 1965 alonside Dylan, which she had claimed since 2013, be removed. Carra also discussed her case and other topics with a Zeus News source during an interview.

Zeus News Now is a quickly-growing website with over 30,000 unique visitors in the first week of its launch. The Temple Forum is its first venture outside of a basic comment section and its editors hope readers will take advantage of the opportunity to have a place to gather evidence, chat about the stories, and exchange insight into what is being reported.

A founding member of Zeus News said “We love what the lads over at Expecting Rain do for Bob Dylan and his art, music, and career. But the recent shock of this case brought against him led them to ask up to provide a space to discuss the lawsuit and our stories, which we were very keen to do.”

Bob Dylan was recently accused by world renowned psychic Joan Carra of abuse when she was aged 12 in 1965. The case has been widely criticised by Dylan scholars and experts as not having been possible due to Dylan’s extensive touring schedule, documentary filming, holidaying, overseas travel, travel across America with shows in Portland and Seattle, and even a hospital stay overseas due to suspected food poisoning.

“We have no doubt that as the community grows we can be a hub for all schedules, accounts, and anecdotes about where Bob Dylan was and was not during 1965 in response to these very serious allegations. News isn’t just reporting the facts. It’s investigating the truth. With the help of our readers we will do just that”.

Readers of Zeus News and others can access the new Zeus News Temple Forum at https://www.zeusnewsnow.com/temple-forum

Creating a user account is simple and takes less than a minute. All are welcome to participate and share their views. No opinion will be silenced as long as they are respectful, truthful, and participate with sincerity.

The Zeus News Temple Forum needs moderators for its new platform, and interested applicants can send a message to tips@zeusnewsnow.com to signify their interest.

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